Waterproofing Systems: Cementitous and Liquid Applied Systems (Type A)

Triton Systems

Cementitious "tanking" and epoxy systems are a traditional method of waterproofing and can be used as an alternative to cavity drain membranes in certain applications. Cementitious systems are suited to contracts where limited areas are to be treated or where drainage cannot be easily achieved.

These systems can also be used in combination with cavity drain membranes, most commonly where headroom is limited or where there is a flat soffit with no drainage falls.

Cementitious Systems

Triton TT55 is a single component polymer modified cement based protective and waterproof slurry coating. When mixed and applied correctly forms a highly effective damp proof membrane that can be applied to sound brickwork, concrete, blockwork or any cementitious substrate.

A pre-packed cement based and polymer modified product for use as a floor to wall junction seal during waterproofing works when using cementitious slurry coatings (Triton TT55) and renders. In most circumstances Triton FILLET SEAL need only be mixed with water for use. Where extra adhesion or flexibility are required, Triton SBR latex and Triton TANKING MIX ELASTIFIER (T.T.M.E) may be uses respectively.

Triton T.T.M.E is a plasticizer-free anionic dispersion. It has excellent bonding and elongation properties with extremely low water absorption allowing Triton TT55 when mixed with Triton T.T.M.E. to be flexible waterproof coating suitable for either vertical or horizontal surfaces.

• Triton QUICK SET (T.Q.S)
Triton QUICK SET (T.Q.S) plugging compound is a one part fast setting cementitious material developed to stem water flow. T.Q.S as with all plugging compounds plug leaks to allow application of waterproofing layers to cure, but can be used as an all purpose instant setting repair mortar with a wide range of application.

• Triton SBR
Triton SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) Latex admixture for cementitious mixes e.g., Renders, Screeds, Tile adhesives, Patch Repairs and Waterproof Slurry Coatings. Triton SBR improves the workability and durability of cement mixes.

Epoxy Systems

• Triton TT Vapour Membrane
TT Vapour Membrane is a ready blended coating that once cured, provides a waterproof Methane and Carbon Dioxide barrier. Triton TT Vapour Barrier can be retro-applied as a waterproof and gas-proof membrane to concrete, masonry and brick substrates or as an alternative to sheet membranes in new construction. It can be applied by airless spray, roller or brush to walls, floors and soffits.

• Triton TRISEAL
A solvent free, two part epoxy resin coating primarily for use on sand/cement or concrete floors subject to rising damp or containing residual construction moisture. Triton TRISEAL is both a surface damp proof membrane and a water vapour suppressant.

• Triton TRIMOL 41
A three-pack cement reinforced epoxy coating for walls, floors, soffit surfaces etc. Triton TRIMOL 41 is used to provide a high build (up to 2mm) waterproof and decorative coating in cellars, basements, etc. Triton TRIMOL 41 resists the passage of moisture and salts and can be left as a tough, washable finish or is used between cement render coats in a “sandwich” construction, Triton TRIMOL 41 is water based.

Bonded Sheet Systems

• TWS-EX100
TWS-EX100 is a self-adhesive sheet membrane constructed from an oriented cross laminated HDPE sheeting and a bitumen-polymer adhesive compound. The tough, durable sheeting has an overall thickness of 1.5mm. Its primary use is for internal and external tanking to prevent the ingress of water and waterborne aggressive salts such as chlorides and sulphates penetrating concrete structures.

Being water and vapour resistant, TWS-EX100 has many waterproofing applications including foundations, basements, roofs and decks, lift shafts and pits, car parks, subways, bathrooms and balconies. A unique feature is its selvedge that enables a fast and secure seal on all side edge laps.

TWS-EX100GM is a highly efficient waterproofing membrane which also acts as a barrier to Radon, Methane, Carbon Dioxide and other ground gases and contaminants. The self adhesive membrane uses aluminium as the primary barrier, which is reinforced and protected by a laminated film of biaxually oriented HDPE film to one side and a robust bitumen rubber to the other. A selvedge of bitumen rubber facilitates easier lap seals.


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Triton Systems

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