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A hygienic washroom solution; A range of no-touch flush options are combined with leading flushvalve technology to deliver considerable water savings. Stylish and discreet, our range of no-touch WC flushing options can be retro fitted or installed at new build stage. The DVS no-touch WC flushing system is an electronically operated drop valve which replaces the traditional syphon and delivers a measured volume of water from the cistern to the lavatory bowl. A simple wave of a hand past the fitted sensor will activate the electronic Flushvalve.

Offering reduced water consumption, the optimum quantity of water from each flush is pre-set and accurately controlled. The easy to use no-touch WC flushing system is triggered by an electronic infrared sensor which is activated when the user’s hand comes within 50mm of the sensor. With no handles to touch, the risk of cross infection is eliminated.
Features include:
• 4.5 litre flush
• Typical 30% savings on water costs
• Adjustable for optimum flush
• Improves flush
• Ideal for disabled or elderly
• Hygienic no-touch operation
• Optional tactile operation
• Easy to install and maintain
• Fits existing and new WCs
• Vandal proof
• Eliminates handle maintenance
• Dual flush Option
• Wave-on or fully automatic flush
• Lock outs (for custodial and mental health)
• Increased ambient temperature (55º)
• Purge facility

Urinal Controls
Offering substantial water savings and a short payback period, installing urinal controls is often the first step in a water management programme. Urinal controls also ensure that washrooms remain clean and fresh, by programming the controls to meet the individual needs of each building. Variable settings allow adjustable time delays between flushing, providing maximum efficiency and savings. Operation is simple; A passive infrared (PIR) detector detects movement within the ‘sensing area’, switching the unit into a timing mode. After a pre-set time, the separately installed solenoid valve opens. Water flows into the cistern and therefore activates the flushing cycle.

The fill-time for the cistern can be customised by the user, using the appropriate switches on the Flushmatic board. The system’s fast fill design helps eliminate scale problems associated with slow or drip fed systems. An automatic flush every 12 hours is also programmed into the unit, should the system not be used during that time. Variable settings allow adjustable time delays between flushing, providing maximum efficiency and savings.

Common Features
• Up to 80% savings on water costs
• Extremely reliable
• Low maintenance
• 2 year guarantee
• Low power consumption
• Solenoid valve included
• Includes power PSU or batteries
• Adjustable fill time (15 mins max)
• Adjustable delay time
• Janitorial flush (After 12 hours of non-use)
• Service contracts available


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