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Western Red Cedar is famed for its extraordinary beauty, natural durability, dimensional stability and insulation value. It exudes warmth, thanks to its richly textured, tactile grain and palette of mellow colour tones, which vary from light amber to dark reddish-brown. It also retains its characteristic cedar fragrance and this subtle aroma adds another dimension to its appeal.
Silva's range of Canadian Western Red Cedar encompasses 3 distinct brands; Cowichan Gold, Silva Select Prestige VG and Cascadia.

Cowichan Gold cladding is produced from fine-grained, old-growth Western Red Cedar wood fibre, sourced from forests in the coastal regions of British Columbia. Manufactured by Terminal Forest Products, this exclusive brand is virtually knot-free, all heartwood, and all vertical grain. It is the highest quality clear heart vertical grain Western Red Cedar cladding available anywhere.
Silva Select Prestige VG is a superb wood cladding material. It is 100% heartwood, 100% vertical grain, virtually knot-free, kiln-dried Western Red Cedar. Silva Select Prestige VG is produced from specially selected 100% No. 2 Clear & Better Vertical Grain and is available in a range of traditional and contemporary profiles.

Silva’s Cascadia is produced from superior kiln-dried live knotted Western Red Cedar with a fine sawn textured face and a smooth planed back - it oozes character. The wood fibre is from second-growth logs harvested in coastal forests of British Columbia, Canada. Cascadia cladding is produced exclusively from ‘Select Knotty’ grade Western Red Cedar. The grade is characterised by well-interspersed sound tight (live) knots.


Availability<1 week
FinishesWestern Red Cedar cladding from Silva can be supplied factory coated, enabling it to be installed at any time of year, regardless of the weather or temperature. When coatings are applied in ‘ideal conditions’ the variables that affect the quality of a site applied finish are eliminated. Weather, temperature and humidity will affect finish quality, and keeping the wood clean, dry and out of direct sunlight prior to application will have a positive effect on the performance of the finish.
SizesCowichan Gold: 18 x 137mm (TGV) 18 x 89mm / 18 x 140mm / 18 x 184mm / 18 x 235mm / 18 x 286mm (Boards) Silva Select Prestige VG: 20 x 94mm / 20 x 144mm (TGV, Channel, Rainscreen, Shiplap) / 20 x 44mm / 20 x 68mm / 20 x 94mm / 20 x 144mm (Boards) Cascadia: 19 x 137mm (TGV) 18 x 187mm (Bevel) 19 x 65mm / 19 x 89mm / 19 x 140mm / 19 x 184mm / 19 x 235mm / 19 x 286mm (Boards)
ColoursWestern Red Cedar is renowned for its attractive appearance. It has a pleasing range of natural hues, tight grain patterns and soft textures, which gives the wood an exceptional warmth and beauty.
DensityThe wood of Western Red Cedar is light, weighing 370 to 385 kg/m³ when kiln-dried (12-15% moisture content). Natural variation will occur between individual boards.


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