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What adhesive to use when installing luxury vinyl tiles?

What adhesive to use when installing luxury vinyl tiles?

Pressure sensitive adhesives, high temperature adhesives and 2 component adhesives can all be used to install luxury vinyl tiles.

Adhering to the following simple rules can ensure the elimination of common failures in installation.

Deciding upon which adhesive to use depends on the area that the luxury vinyl tiles are being installed on. After the correct adhesive has been selected, notch size needs to then be considered

It is also critical that there is sufficient transfer of adhesive on to the underside of the LVT, no matter what notch size or adhesive is recommended by the manufacturer.

Pressure sensitive adhesives such as UZIN KE 2000 S are most commonly used for installing LVTs due to them being fitter friendly and their ability to give longer working times. They can also be more tolerant of plasticisers as long as the subfloor preparation is correct.

High temperature adhesives such as UZIN KE 66 are fibre-reinforced for increased reliability and restrict any movement of the tiles and require “wet set” adhesives. These should be used when installing luxury vinyl tiles in areas subject to high and fluctuating temperatures (such as conservatories).

However, if LVTs are being installed in areas with extreme temperatures, specialist two component adhesive such as UZIN KR 430 should be used, as they provide a strong and reliable bond.

Two component adhesives require mixing before use and can produce excess waste if the entire content is not used at the time of installation. There can also be constraints in working times.

New single component adhesives, such as the UZIN KE 49 HT, can be used as either a pressure sensitive adhesive, or as a high temperature adhesive (only when a wet/semi-dry method is used)

This type of adhesive gives flexibility to contractors, as well as ensuring no wastage or mixing required. They also generally ensure longer working times

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