Which heating solutions should property investors choose? [BLOG]

Which heating solutions should property investors choose? [BLOG]

A blog written by Rointe UK…

Traditionally, the hotspots for property investors were always London and Manchester. However, thanks to regeneration, buy-to-let investors are looking at smaller regional areas with lower prices but good prospects.

After purchasing the development, renovations begin and investors often wonder which heating solution they should use. It's an important question that carries implications for the energy efficiency of the property, the potential profitability and tenants desires.

In the past, the decision always came down to two options, old fashion gas central heating or inefficient electric storage heaters. However, electric heating today has evolved to include smart, stylish and effective systems that are leading the way.

On average in the UK, it can cost over £135 per month for 1-2 bedroom flat utilities. This is a substantial sum for many homeowners and renters.

When it comes to making the decision to purchase an investment property, you’re going to need to take utility figures into account, as it will all factor into how much rent you charge each of your properties. If you intend on investing in a large property with up to 50 or 60 units, that could cost up to £8,100 per month in combined utilities alone.

In terms of heating, gas central heating is the popular choice for homeowners due to the relatively low running costs and the familiarity. Nevertheless, gas central heating requires maintenance that can be expensive to proprietors. Each year, installation, annual maintenance, plumbing work and gas safety certificates rack up the pounds.

Electric heating, meanwhile, is safer, has less impact on the environment and requires little maintenance. However, this type of heating is less desirable to potential tenants as they think it´s expensive to run.

Luckily, for property investors, landlords and tenants, electric heating has evolved into an energy efficient alternative with all the advantages of the old storage heaters but none of the disadvantages.

Benefits of electric heating for property investors

As a property investor, you should look at the benefits of electric heating for your building. Electric heating is incredibly versatile as it can be used for both air and water products.

The latest developments include effective and fast electrical components, new innovative thermal elements, and amazing state-of-the-art programming features.

Here are some of the main advantages of electric heating over gas:

• Installation:
Electric heating systems are easier and cheaper to install compared to gas central heating that requires pipes, vents and ducts. They don't require flue or pipe-work so there are no restrictions on building layout or design. Nor are there any planning issues. A simple connection to the electric circuit is all that is required, so for new build properties this means it can go in at the second fix wiring stage.

• Safety:
Electric heaters are generally safer than gas as they do not burn fuel to generate heat. This eliminates risks such as carbon monoxide emissions and explosions. In addition, there is no water containing pipework, so there is less risk of damage to the property from leaking or burst pipes. A great plus for property investors!

• Ecological:
The new Lot20 regulations stipulate that all space heaters that consume energy (electricity, gas or liquid) with a nominal heat output equal to or greater than 250W, must comply with a minimum energy efficiency standard. This means greater energy efficiency and less environmental impact. Electric heating is clean and respectful to the environment as they do not emit polluting gases or use heavy metals.

• Value for money:
The true cost to consider is the lifetime running cost, which take into account both the energy used and the maintenance costs over its lifetime. Electric heating is 100% efficient, meaning all the electricity you use and pay for is converted into heat. In addition, with no maintenance costs, you're guaranteed value for money.

• Control:
The main idea behind adding connectivity features into household appliances is to give homeowners the benefit of convenience and make every property more efficient by consuming less electricity. Little do most users know that using a connectable heating solution can help them cut up to 30% off their annual heating costs.

What to look out for when selecting a heating system for an investment property

Heating isn't just a perfunctory item in a property, it provides comfort and well-being as well as warmth. When choosing a solution for your investment property, you need to consider the needs and desires of the potential tenant or occupants, as well as the impact to yourself, the investor.

Whilst property investors are looking for something cost effective, stylish and convenient, potential tenants/occupants want top of the range devices with innovative technology and modern designs.

Rointe have listed the five key features to look out for when choosing an effective electric heating solution for your building:

• State-of-the-art software
• Innovative thermal elements
• Energy efficiency
• Complete connected systems
• Beautiful finishes

How Rointe can help property investors

Rointe have an extensive range of complete heating solutions for any property investor at competitive prices. With Rointe, you can install an entire heating system for any development using one supplier.

Take a look at Rointe’s three key reasons to choose them:

• Safety:
In your investment property, you'll need a safe and reliable heating system. Did you know that approximately one person in the UK is burned or scalded in an accident every 1.5 minutes? That is a high statistic and one that can concern a buy-to-let investor.

With lockable temperature settings and low surface temperatures, your occupants will be safe and secure. Each of Rointe’s products can be remotely locked, with one of their remote controls or via the Rointe Connect app. This prevents unwanted tampering and their electronics have surge protection to protect against unexpected voltage spikes.

In addition, Rointe’s radiators generate a low surface temperature due to the balance between the heating element, thermal fluid and aluminium. The surface temperature does not exceed 43ºC once it reaches the steady working rate. The heat is distributed evenly throughout the radiator surface.

• Innovative technology:
In all Rointe’s products, they include low power energy technology developed by their R, D & I Department – Fuzzy Logic Energy Control.

Developed and patented by Rointe, this specialized low consumption technology takes energy optimisation to the next level. It improves the energy management required to maintain a stable temperature within a variation of only +/- 0.25oc. The technology will also predict the amount of energy needed to reach the set temperature, maximising cost savings.

• Energy saving functions:
As manufacturers, Rointe are dedicated to helping their customers increase energy efficiency and reduce their energy costs.

Their products are Lot20 compliant, and also incorporate a variety of energy saving functions into their products to help.

The Open Windows function uses an advanced algorithm to anticipate the scenarios that decrease the temperature of a room e.g. an open window. When the product detects a 4ºC temperature drop within a 30 minute time period, it will automatically move into ANTI-FROST mode at 7-8ºC. This means efficient use and prevention of excessive consumption.

The User function allows you to set a limited temperature range with a minimum and maximum temperature for the Eco and Comfort modes. For example, setting 21ºC for the Comfort mode and 18ºC for the ECO mode, the user can only move between temperatures in this range. It’s a useful function for hotels and student residences as it restricts the selectable temperatures and avoids energy waste.

Rointe have two distinctive ranges, the D Series and Kyros. Both are made with the high quality materials and come with up to 20 years guarantee* on the product body and 2 years on the electronics.

Each range includes unique and efficient products at competitive prices - radiators, towel rails and water heaters.

Rointe also have three brand new underfloor heating systems to complete your installation.

Which range is right for my property?

D Series
Rointe meet all the challenges in the changing world of technology with the D Series collection, the first in the world to incorporate an internal Wi-Fi module.

This unique line gives the user control over all the features from the D Series range together or individually from a smartphone, tablet or PC with the new Rointe Connect mobile app.

The D Series range includes:
• Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology (mentioned previously).
• Integrated connectivity – An integrated Wi-Fi module in each product allows you to connect an entire installation without intermediate gateways. The high power Wi-Fi modules can reach up to 100m without obstacles and Rointe’s servers have a reliability of over 99%.
• Compatibility with Rointe Connect - With the free Rointe Connect app your smartphone, tablet or PC will work as a switchboard for easy control of your installation meaning you can adjust temperatures, lock the products remotely and control the expenditure on a daily basis from reception, your office or on the go. With the app, you can divide the property by rooms, floors or bespoke zones and can control to suit your needs. You can program activation and shutoff at whatever time you desire, maximising your energy savings.
• Real time monitoring - The app also allows you to view real-time energy consumption reports by day, month or year along with the ability to configure different kWh prices for each hour of the day. It will also send warnings, notifications and recommendations direct to your device so you can save on consumption.
• Different finishes to suit your décor - All the products in the D Series range are available in a wide choice of colours and finishes, including up to 30 RAL colours so you can choose the style that suits your interior. There are also varieties of sizes to fit each room.

Rointe have also launched their new DESIGNLINE special finishes collection including precious metals like 24 carat gold alongside marble and oxide finishes.

Kyros range
The second-generation Kyros range now includes smart energy software with four lifestyle programs already installed. Therefore, homeowners will be able to reap the benefits of advanced functions that are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is a great solution for many types of property and it includes the vast majority of highly advanced features that all Rointe’s heating solutions have to offer.

The Kyros range includes:
• Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology (mentioned previously).
• Optimised design – The radiator comes in a standard and a short version, with 10 sizes in total available and front openings that maximise natural air convection. The towel rail now features a new slim line straight bar design to fit perfectly into your property.
• Smart programming - The new generation of Kyros products includes four new pre-set programs. These include the most common lifestyle timetables so you can select the one that best fits your needs. The product will then automatically heat according to the program, so all you need to do is sit back and relax.
• Infrared communication – The Kyros range uses advanced infrared communication up to a distance of 3m so you can easily program 24 hours, 7 days a week via the AIR Control or BASIC Control remote.
• Visual menus – Designed by Rointe’s R & D Department, these improved menus have been created using identifiable icons for easy recognition, improving accessibility and facilitating access to all functions.

Which heating products Rointe manufacture?

Whether you’re developing large properties such as student residences or hotels, or smaller flats and homes for rental, it's important to choose the right heating products on the market.

All of Rointe’s products include a guarantee and comply with all national and international regulations for heating products meaning you have peace of mind that any of their products in your property are of a high-quality.

Rointe has been manufacturing electric radiators since 1985, which gives them a vast amount of experience when it comes to innovation.

High purity aluminium, exclusive mineral thermal oil and armoured steel heating elements ensure maximum comfort but low consumption. Whilst the interior fin design favours natural air circulation in a room to help reach the desired temperature in a limited amount of time.

All of Rointe’s radiators incorporate energy saving technologies, which allow the room to maintain a constant temperature without increasing consumption.

Towel Rails:
Rointe’s towel rails are suitable for any sized bathroom. Available in a range of finishes, they can fit seamlessly into your décor.

They have a nominal power output between 300 and 1,000 W, which helps to ensure that the unit heats quickly and retains heat for longer.

The towel rails come in four sizes and are easy to install with wall anchors close to the side of the body. They also include a 2-hour boost mode allowing the unit to operate at maximum power for up to 2 hours, for that added touch.

An accessory range is also available for all the products listed above, including protective grills for the radiators and towel racks and hangers for towel rails.

Water Heaters:
Rointe’s new range of innovative unvented water heaters are designed to meet your domestic hot water needs, with five new advanced products including connected, digital, compact and instant along with an aerothermal heat pump, ranging from energy class A to C.

They also incorporate a progress function so you can see the available heated water it is able to supply at any given time and an anti-legionella function to protect the system against this harmful bacterium.

Underfloor heating:
Rointe’s new range of underfloor heating uses BEAB approved ultra-thin heating elements to meet the growing demand for space-saving alternatives to radiators.

Formed from a mix of radiation and convection, the heat dissipation of Rointe’s underfloor heating is even and efficient. Vertical radiation from the bottom up produces the majority of the heat by means of natural air convection, whilst the rest is generated when the air meets the warm floor of the room.

Choose from one of three solutions – Atria, Milos or Erko. They are suitable for up to six different types of floor surfaces, including carpet, ceramic, vinyl, hardwood, laminate and linoleum. Each system is controlled with the CT.2 or ST.2 thermostats plus with the free Rointe Connect app.

All Rointe’s underfloor heating systems have an IPX7 degree of protection against dust, great for allergy sufferers, and waterproof mesh.

They also come with a 10-year guarantee on the heating mesh and comply with all national and international regulations. In addition, Rointe offer a free of charge replacement should the mesh become damaged during installation.

To find out more information on Rointe’s wide range of energy efficient electric heating systems, please email [email protected].

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