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Why choose electro-mechanical locks instead of mechanical?

Why choose electro-mechanical locks instead of mechanical?

It is true that the capital cost of a 4L79 electro-mechanical cell lock is higher than that of the equivalent traditional slam action mechanical cell lock, but only in the region of 20%.

So why should you change? Chubb lists some good operational reasons here:

• Being electro-mechanical the lock can be operated locally at the door with a proximity card to unlock only or operated remotely, no key required, so the lock can be operated one handed.
• Our 4L79 lock can be used with any proprietary access control system
• There are multiple status outputs so the lock status can be monitored remotely improving security and providing audit information.
• A manual override key is provided which can be used in the event of power failure
• Second key is provided to engage a secondary lock in the event the cell needs to be locked down, electric unlocking cannot be achieved when secondary lock is in place, and again this aids security.
• Solenoid locking unit tested to 1,000,000 + cycles
• Built in indicator light to show lock status
• Extended warranty available

There are also some financial reasons, a security breach, caused by a loss of a key for traditional mechanical cell locks will cost on average over £5,000* to make the mechanical locks secure again.

With electro-mechanical locks the access card needs to be simply removed from the system, in the event of a loss, to maintain security. Additionally, with the ability to monitor the lock status, information can be used, via the BMS (Building Management System) to control, lighting, heating and ventilation, thus reducing building running costs.

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