Why students need a results-driven chair for exams

Why students need a results-driven chair for exams

Most would agree that school exams, ceremonies and other special events are the pinnacle of a student’s schooling. Therefore, should we not provide them with the best possible seating, to help learners achieve in comfort and distraction free?

The King’s School in Chester has outstanding GCSE results for 2016 and chose the EN ONE chair for their exam hall. A total of 41% of King’s students gained at least nine A*/A grade or above across all subjects; 45% of all grades were at A* level, with 73% of all grades achieved at A*/A grades.

Schools are starting to wake up to the importance of comfortable seating. It is now recognised that the amount of contact a student has with a school chair, is unquestionably a large amount of time. Therefore, it has become even more apparent; if a school wants the best out of their students, then they must provide the best practical school chair for them to achieve.

The EN ONE Chair by Spaceforme has exceptional comfort and ergonomics, which are integral to the chair’s design. It’s also the best stacking one-piece chair on the market. This makes it ideal for storage or for moving back to the classrooms, once the exams are complete.

The price of the chairs is comparable with many temporary seating products on the market. This is because the chair is a one-piece plastic mould and uses less materials than other chairs in its class. Though it doesn’t lose any strength because of this. In fact, the EN ONE is an exceptionally strong plastic chair. It also comes with a 15 year warranty, which gives you even more value and assurance.

The EN ONE now has an accompanying transport trolley for ease of storage and an optional integral linking device, to meet fire safety regulations during events. Also, it is the only one-piece chair that meets the standard for BSEN16139:2013 Level 2 for severe contract use, which demonstrates the chairs exceptional strength and durability. The chair of course meets both parts of the European standard BSEN1729 for strength and ergonomics.

From the classroom to the exam hall, why not choose a results driven chair?

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