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  • Mezzanine Floors
    Mezzanine Floors

    Mezzanine International

  • Pendent/Suface Lighting: Vidi
    Pendent/Suface Lighting: Vidi

    Fagerhult Lighting

  • Non-Hazardous Area Products
    Non-Hazardous Area Products


  • Quarry Tiles, industrial range
    Quarry Tiles, industrial range

    Natural Tiles

  • Fabric tensioned canopies
    Fabric tensioned canopies

    Maple Sunscreening

  • Shower accessories
    Shower accessories


  • Insulated folding doors
    Insulated folding doors

    Bolton Gate

  • Powerstar Voltage Optimisation System
    Powerstar Voltage Optimisation System

    EMSc (UK) Ltd

  • Smart Aluminium Architectural Windows
    Smart Aluminium Architectural Windows

    Frames Direct

  • Sliding Doors
    Sliding Doors

    GEZE UK Ltd

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  • Fittings, sanitary: Heavy Duty
    Fittings, sanitary: Heavy Duty

    Franke Sissons

  • Switches and connectors
    Switches and connectors

    R Hamilton

  • Raised access floors
    Raised access floors

    Kingspan Access Floors

  • Domestic garage doors
    Domestic garage doors

    Hormann (UK)