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From concrete and cement to admixtures, bricks, foils and fasteners, Barbour Product Search carries everything you need to create the very fabric of your building.

As well as ready mixed concrete which covers an extensive range of concrete solutions for almost any specification, including enhanced-strength concretes, increased workability, flowing characteristics and easy placement.

The website covers a wide variety of Brick Matching and Brick Specification services including the ability to send an image of the brick you are trying to match to a company and get a comparison. There is not just envelope elements on offer tubes and pipes. Meanwhile Joint sealants provide durable, reliable, waterproof solutions to your joint requirements.

The range includes facade joint sealants, floor joint sealants, precast concrete joint sealants and polyurethane joint sealants or polyurethane based joint sealants and elastic adhesives, ideal for new build and refurbishment projects where a high performance bonding solution is required. There is also a number of types of stone that can be cut to the required usage. From natural stone ,reconstructed stone to various aggregates through to stonework restoration. Wire mesh systems for architectural applications.

The material can be used for both internal and external applications and when exposed to the elements is largely self maintaining from a cleanliness perspective. Both durable and flexible, as well as being produced from fully recyclable raw materials, Locker wire mesh systems can be designed to fit most architectural structures.



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