10 bathroom designs that everyone needs to see

10 bathroom designs that everyone needs to see

Bathrooms are the most relaxing & refreshing rooms in your house. Being in use constantly leaves them prone to wear and tear. Problems like moldy walls, cracked basins, & leaky taps start occurring, bringing the whole look of your bathroom down. If you're planning for a complete overhaul or a quick bathroom renovation, check out these ten bathroom design ideas that'll help turn your bathroom from a common bathing space to a luxurious future-ready comfort spot.

Wall-mounted toilets:

Install a wall-mounted toilet if you have space in your walls. You can save both space & legroom with wall-mounted toilets. If you can't install wall-mounted, then consider adding shelves above the tank or basin for additional storage. Jaquar offers an assortment of wall-mounted toilets that are sleek & ultra-modern.

Lose the tub:

Traditional tubs are too big and demand too much space in the bathroom. Switch to freestanding tubs that have all four sides exposed. A freestanding tub will sit exposed on the bathroom floor with no feet or platform supporting it. They look stylish & royal while saving space for other purposes.

Stylish faucets:

Switch your old and traditional faucets with modern & luxurious bathroom taps by Jaquar. Designer taps from Jaquar come in chrome, brass & gold finishes. Fixtures with built-in sensors are also slowly starting to trend due to being more hygienic than traditional faucets.

Small sinks:

Gone are the days of bulky & oversized sinks that take up more space than they ought to. Switching to wall-mounted sinks will help you save space and make your bathroom appear more spacious. Look for narrow washbasin designs and the newer thin-edge basins. Opt for Jaquar's stylish & sleek basin with bathroom sink taps that are a blend of exquisite design & unmatched functionality.

Fix cabinets on walls:

Use your bathroom space efficiently. Don't sacrifice storage for space.Opt for cabinets with a mirror in front. This helps save the extra space you would usually dedicate for a mirror & shelf.

Warm-up your bathroom:

Lighting plays a significant role in building the charm of your bathroom. Fit your bathroom with warm yellow lights. They are soothing & relaxing to the eyes and give your bathroom a premium look. Remember that bathrooms are safer when they are sufficiently lit, so don't compromise on safety for beauty.

Lesser the better:

The trending modern bathroom designs are minimalist and clean, so don't crowd your bathroom with accessories you might barely need. Keep your bathroom clean by only installing accessories you'll need daily.

Use corners wisely:

Corner spaces in bathrooms are often neglected. Independent shelves, racks, and floating drawers can be integrated effortlessly into the corners to maximize storage space.

Consider your shower's location:

Shower location plays an essential role in your bathroom. Nowadays, many bathrooms are segregated, with the shower installed separately with an enclosure to avoid wetting the whole bathroom. This makes it safer and avoids wet marks.

Choose a calming color scheme:

Bathrooms are places to relax, and a relaxing paint color only accentuates that soothing feeling. A relaxing color palette of bright hues & cold bluish tones should be used whenever possible.

Use these bathroom design ideas in your next bathroom revamp and turn your ordinary bathroom into a state-of-the-art stylish, relaxing spot. Add a touch of premiumness with Jaquar's range of modern and reliable bathroom products in an array of styles & designs to choose from.

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