Testing & Certification

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From building a knowledge of over 55 years’ worth of testing and certifying products, to the expertise that continues to maintain a high industry standard, the BBA has become a trusted partner to the construction supply chain.

Through partnerships the BBA have generated some impressive figures;

  • 6,000+ certificates issued
  • 1,000+ annual inspections
  • Covering 72 countries
  • 400+ testing methodologies

  • The BBA’s aim is to help the market build confidence in the solutions designed, created and implemented enabling organisations to grow at home and aboard, while remaining reassuringly impartial. But their obligation to reinvest in the industry for the benefit of all stakeholders means the BBA do way more than just test and certify.

    The BBA’s contribution to this knowledge hub aims to do exactly that; helping the construction industry through the sharing of their extensive knowledge and expertise.



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