4 Benefits of Eco Smart Fires

4 Benefits of Eco Smart Fires

The Eco Smart Fire is becoming a popular alternative to more traditional options. There are several reasons for this as people find them to be convenient, stylish and a great solution to modern heating needs. Outdoor or indoor, domestic or commercial, the versatility of these incredible heating solutions aligns them with the needs of many.

Modern Aesthetic
The modern design is an integral aspect of the Eco Smart line, ensuring that the fireplace looks at home in the middle of a zen garden or in the heart of a minimalist living room.

The stainless steel and glass combination means that these pieces are built to last, they will not rust or fall victim to the elements at the first rainfall. The fireboxes that accompany outdoor installations come with added toughened glass and concrete composite, materials which help withstand the harshest weather.

Suited for Outdoors
The versatility of the Eco Fire means that anything from dinner to a full evening of cocktails or beer in a pub garden is possible to enjoy outdoors without the fear of becoming chilled to the bone. Designed to suit several environments, the Eco Fire looks no more out of place than a deck chair. It can suit any style of furniture that you have and can create a pleasing focal point.

The benefits of this type of fuel are obvious in comparison to solid fuel or gas fires; they produce no harmful emissions or smoke which pollute the atmosphere. Although the fuel creates carbon dioxide, it is made from sugar beet and corn so it absorbs much of the carbon dioxide, making it an excellent alternative to less environmentally-friendly fuels. Additionally, biofuel (which is used in the Eco Fire) is also a renewable energy source.

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