5 Distinctive design ideas for hospitality spaces in 2022

5 Distinctive design ideas for hospitality spaces in 2022

With the changes to how we travel, relax and have fun, hospitality spaces have had to make significant changes to adapt to the shifting landscape. Vtec forecasts 5 fast growing design elements that can deliver on a client’s brand both in its aesthetics and overall functions.

Bold hallways

Most often hallways are the first areas a visitor gets introduced to a brand. These transition spaces are echoed throughout hallways, elevators and lobbies. Bold and striking patterns stand out and add depth to these spaces. Vtec's Decorative Wall and Ceiling Systems all deliver thousands of design options. From slatted lightweight feature beams in a bespoke colour to textured wall panel systems like Timber which can be installed overnight.

Tile art

Taking inspiration from mosaics, Tile Art looks are using tiles to not just be functional but instead become artistic pieces that are part of a space’s interior. Vtec's metal wall tiles and panels are hand finished, delivering beautiful colour variations like patina, brass or zinc that are both visually arresting and stunning. Quick and easy to install, metal tile art creates a space to be anything from grand, to off-beat and quirky.

Blur the lines

The concept of bringing nature inside is often heard and there is a reason for that. This blending of outside elements and inside materials is a delicious sensory encounter. Earthy colour palettes and raw roots to the design help to promote this mental respite. You'll find several biophilic options to choose from at Vtec. Cork has a choice of tones and textures depending on the mood that needs to be set. It is easy to maintain and has natural acoustic properties. Arctic Moss provides creative scope in 16 colours with zero upkeep. Think tiles, islands or spheres. For further transcending of this natural dwelling space, go bold. Explore a floor to ceiling featured wall with Vtec Timber wall panels that are light-weight, incredibly durable and quick to install.

Cosy comfort

Travellers now want cosiness and comfort, like home away from home. That can be soft textures, eclectic lighting or comfortable seating. But can walls and ceilings be cosy? Absolutely! Vtec's Concrete wall panels compliment rich and textured furnishings making spaces more inviting and relaxing.


Any design or renovation of a hospitality space needs to have sustainability built into its practice and credentials. Vtec supports their clients throughout this journey. Many of their Slat's, Beams and Acoustic systems are produced in FSC or PEFC Certified materials, protecting responsible and sustainable forest management. For more playful options like Vtec's Cork panels, it is both natural and sustainable due to be being hand-harvested with a lot of care and attention to good husbandry. For other thoughtful design ideas, Vtec's Arctic Moss is made from natural Reindeer Moss harvested by hand from the forest floor, always ensuring that sustainable re-growth is achieved. Both Cork and Artic Moss provide that strong connection with nature and at the same time paying complete respect to our planet and people.

Interior trends change; but these core ideas can help take a space to another level with creative and intuitive interpretations.

Vtec are manufacturers of systems that are both beautiful and expressive, so they understand the complexities of walls and ceilings. Their technical team coordinates with M&E teams to ensure perfect integration of all services using 3D Modelling. Design is at the core of what Vtec do and they make it easy for Architects and Designers by providing solutions and ideas for every project. Dedicated project managers walk each step of the journey with clients providing on-going support and feedback. They help clients deliver creative interiors with unique and easy to install systems that leave lasting memories.

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