A Chef’s Kitchen, Hampton Court Flower Show July 09, Sponsored by Jacksons' Fencing

A Chef’s Kitchen, Hampton Court Flower Show July 09, Sponsored by Jacksons' Fencing

It’s two years on the trot that the Garden Friendly Brothers have been involved in medal winning gardens at the prestigious Hampton Court flower show.

This year they teamed up with renowned garden designer Karen Rogers and the results were spectacular, winning the garden a silver medal. A Chef’s Kitchen is what the garden is appropriately named, and that’s exactly what it is; a kitchen garden to end all kitchen gardens. It’s designed to inspire people to grow their own herbs and vegetables for culinary or medicinal use in their own back garden, helping them prepare healthy meals outdoors.

Outdoors is where the oven, the sink and even the knife rack is, which makes great use of space. It’s economical, simple and organic.

Keeping an eye on environmental impact and reducing carbon footprints is an ethic that the garden’s sponsors Jacksons Fencing shares. They have achieved certification under the environmental chain-of-custody schemes of both the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

Jackson’s commitment to the environment and to long term value is embodied in the unique 25 year Jakcure guarantee on their timber products. Clearly buying a fence that will last longer than 25 years, makes sound financial sense and is much better for the environment. Cheaper, non pressure-treated fences, may need to be replaced as many as five times within the 25 year period. A Jacksons fence is expected to last in excess of this, so that’s not only five times the wood used, but it’s also five times the fixings, the labour to erect it and make it, the fuel to transport it and the energy involved in it’s manufacture, not to mention the waste going in to landfill.

Jacksons supplied all the fencing and timbers in the garden and are the natural choice for Daniel Wanat of Garden Friendly. He simply wouldn’t choose anyone else’s as he’s been one of Jacksons Fencing’s Expert Installers for the last two years, and is familiar with their excellent quality, ethos and guarantee.

Last year Daniel chose a horizontal slatted timber perimeter for his show garden, this was a prototype of Jacksons’ new Venetian panels, which have been a huge success with designers and the domestic audience alike. This year his chosen perimeter for the garden was a variation on the Venetian panel theme. The angle of the slats is turned to an oblique angle, making less space between them, giving more privacy, but still allowing less wind resistance and some light through. These are ideal for growing climbing plants up, as is the small pergola area that acts as a saucepan hanging rack and which doubles as a relaxing spot for the Chef and friends to relax. The raised beds for growing vegetables and herbs look great and create easy access for maintenance and planting, whilst defining boundaries in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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