A Real Life Sustainability Story

A Real Life Sustainability Story

This is a story that illustrates the true meaning of sustainability.

Some 20 years ago, REFLEX-ROL U.K. installed over 1,500 sunblind systems in the Southend-on-Sea Civic Centre.Today we are in the process of cleaning and refurbishing these very same blinds. It is inevitable that during 20 years of use some units got damaged and some had coffee and tea stains on them, but all they needed was a wash with luke-warm water, a few drops of a washing up detergent and a bit of ‘elbow grease’.

However, by weight (mass of total materials per unit) only 2% needed to be renewed. That is what we would call a sustainable product.

Once the units have been cleaned, they will be good for at least another 20 years plus; sustainability well into the future! Indeed, a high proportion of the blinds simply needed some dust removal and still looked as if they were installed only last week.

The system is REFLEX-ROL type 2110, an aluminium cassetted roller blind fitted with aluminium side-guides and aluminium bottom bars. The actual shading material is Reflex-Rol’s G1911 high capacity daylight filter, providing excellent glare and dazzle protection as well as a g-value of 16%.

A g-value of 16% means that only 16% of the Sun’s total energy projected at the window/blind comes into the building through the glass and the blind – 84% is screened out.

The amount of energy (air-conditioning cost) this has saved the council over the last 20 years is considerable, not to speak of the increased occupant comfort levels and associated higher productivity. With the Blinds closed at night during Winter, the Reflex-Rol system provided a U-value of around 1,6W/m2.K in combination with the Council’s 6/16/6 clear glass double panes: more energy saved!

We congratulate Southend-on-Sea Borough Council with having the foresight 20 years ago to install these systems and adopting a ‘green’ policy long before this became a popular and so often misused word.

This is a real life story of sustainability.

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