A sight and sound to behold - Rockfon ceilings installed within Optometry and Vision Science School

A sight and sound to behold - Rockfon ceilings installed within Optometry and Vision Science School

The School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, one of the largest in the UK, is home to 28 academics, 4 clinicians, 17 post-doctoral fellows, 42 post-graduate students, and 12 school staff. High quality optometric services are available for the public and the staff and students of the university.

Contractors Richard Kemble Ceilings have installed over 30,000 square metres of Rockfon products in the last year and are therefore well suited to recommend Rockfon products. Contractor Richard Kemble comments, “We showed the clients other projects we have completed using Rockfon products and they really liked how they looked and the technical properties. We have a great relationship with Rockfon and will be continuing to use them on many more projects in the future”.

Approximately 7,000 square metres of Rockfon Koral tiles were installed within the school providing vital acoustic properties. The micro textured, painted white surface ensures high sound absorption. Within educational establishments it is important that sound levels are kept to a minimum and contained. This was one of the key considerations for Architects Boyes Rees. Associate Director, Kevin Dumbill comments, “We chose to use Rockfon’s ceiling system for its highly attuned acoustic properties. The product offered value for money whilst providing the quality that our client needed and that the building deserved. We particularly liked the appearance of the grid”.

Rockfon Koral tiles were used with the RockLink Integra grid system, a visible box grid with a clear recess or track between the ceiling tiles. By using the Integra grid system, partitions, signs and track lighting can be easily fixed to the recess. Made from galvanised steel with a smooth white visible surface, the Integra grid compliments the tile to create a crisp, clean, white finish, in keeping with the rest of the building.

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