Abbey Farm Cottage, Nottinghamshire

Abbey Farm Cottage, Nottinghamshire

The Client:Abbey Farm Cottage, Nottinghamshire
Type of works: Jaga Strada DBE radiators.

Owner of a 150-year-old farm cottage in the Nottinghamshire countryside, Rachel Mitchell decided to install a new heating system which would offer major environmental benefits, as well as a cost effective solution to replace the expensive electric storage heaters previously fitted.

Built in the Victorian era, the cottage faced difficulties with renewable heating options though as the thin walls allow any heat provided to escape. Furthermore, the three-bedroom building isn’t connected to any gas supply and the old construction meant underfloor heating wasn’t an option. Mark Karoly, from Trimark Future Energy Systems, met with Rachel and suggested a joint solution using Jaga’s DBE fan convector radiators and an air to water heat pump working in conjunction with solar thermal system from heating and renewables specialist, Daikin. A 16KW low temperature split system was used to provide enough heat for the eight DBE radiators fitted.

Mark said: “We used the higher specification Jaga DBE radiators as they can run at flow temperatures of only 45°C and are very comparable to the costs of running underfloor heating. Although it would have still been efficient to use radiators with a flow temperature of 50-54°C, the fact that the Jaga radiators perform at these lower flow temperatures maximizes the efficiency of the Daikin Altherma air source heat pump and will enable even higher running cost savings.”

The new heating offers an environmentally sustainable and cost-saving system which also fits in with their style requirements to avoid the use of a conventional radiator, the Strada DBE features a slim-line, discreet design which provides a powerful output.

The Mitchell family are extremely pleased with the result, Rachel said: “The most amazing thing is that the house is always precisely the right temperature, never too hot, but always warm

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