Abloy combines mechanical security and Access Control with Protec Cliq

Abloy combines mechanical security and Access Control with Protec Cliq

Abloy UK has launched a patented wireless locking solution, which combines the assurance of mechanical security with the benefits of access control in one key system.

Protec CLIQ technology, incorporating keys, cylinders and padlocks, adds electronic intelligence to standard mechanical locking and offers long-term cost savings as locks do not need to be replaced if keys are lost.

Using a master control key, access rights can be amended and lost or stolen keys can be easily removed from the system whilst authorised keys can be given limited access to areas, as well as time controlled zones, at no additional cost.

A CLIQ key can operate both mechanical and electronic cylinders in master key suites and provides an audit trail of the last 100 access attempts, plus the last 10 foreign (non-system) key entries.

Says Hitesh Mistry, Product and Market Development Manager of Abloy UK: “CLIQ is a high-security, cost-efficient system which presents a hybrid electromechanical locking solution. It offers the ultimate synergy between the reliability of mechanical keys and cylinders and the programming sophistication and flexibility of electronic locks for users to satisfy current operational requirements, whilst incorporating the capacity for expansion to meet future demands.

CLIQ Remote will soon be available for larger master key suites or remote sites, to enable the commissioning, programming and full administration of security management via user-friendly web based software.

The software allows additional data to be written to the keys to mostly remove the need to visit each lock individually and upload audit trails automatically.

CLIQ technology is based on highly miniaturised data encryption electronics, which are embedded directly inside the key and the cylinder. The CLIQ key contains a unique electronic ID code that cannot be duplicated, altered or corrupted.

The key is battery powered and serves as the power source for the cylinder system too. Cylinders are suitable for external use, and conform to BS EN 1303, whilst padlocks carry an IP57 water rating.

CLIQ ensures a constant level of security and cost efficiency over the lifetime of the system. Euro profile and Scandinavian variants are available that can be easily retrofitted to any door.

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