Abloy Novel Launch

Abloy Novel Launch

Abloy UK has launched a new high security cylinder system featuring a patent protected rotating disc mechanism, designed especially for distribution channels in the markets.

Novel incorporates a wide range of cylinders to suit all door types, complimented by high security padlocks for use in distribution markets.

The Abloy Novel platform is based on a unique patent protected anti-wear system (AWS) key mechanism that gives a long lasting working life in demanding environments. These high security rotating detainer discs, provide both durability and long-term performance.

With Novel, locks can also be keyed into the same master-key system using just one key profile so that just one key can open several locks if needed.

Alternatively, the Novel system offers various key profiles and levels of key control to meet individual commercial requirements. Replication of keys and key cutting is strictly controlled, as they can only be created with a related keycard at an authorized Abloy Centre.

Says Jon Burke, Abloy UK Marketing Manager: “The great news about Novel is its flexibility for use in different distribution markets. The design and operation principle of disc tumbler cylinder makes it possible to create master-key systems that fulfill specific specifications.

“Added to this, there is the unique opportunity to create a one key fits all solution, or different levels of restricted access. And with Abloy’s unique patented anti – wear system, Novel really does offer protection against wear and tear, and a guarantee of high quality security.”

Novel’s keys feature a new plastic key bow with a nickel silver shaft finish and meets no resistance when inserted into a cylinder. Ten different colour identifications are available.

Novel’s cylinder, keys and key blanks are protected by worldwide patent until 2027 and the design registration is valid until 2035.

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