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CLIQ technology has been developed by the ASSA ABLOY Group. This technology is applied in the best cylinders of the Group, eg. ABLOY PROTEC² CLIQ disc tumbler cylinder products.

CLIQ is a technology that brings together and integrates the very best of electronics and mechanics. It combines proven mechanical ABLOY PROTEC² locking solutions with low-power electronics. The mechanical lock guarantees physical security, while the micro-electronics provide flexibility and a unique electronic key code for every lock.

The strong DES encryption (64 bit) and the bi-directional communication creates secure, altering codes. Several billion unique identification codes for the CLIQ key and CLIQ cylinders can be used.

The achieved truly intelligent key system means that you can lock your door or application knowing that no unauthorised person has a key that can open it.

ABLOY PROTEC² CLIQ industrial lock range:
Cabinet locks
Cam locks

User keys
Programming keys
Master programming keys

SOFTWARE and equipment:
ABLOY PROTEC² CLIQ products are mastered and governed with a software. Besides the software and the pc, a separate programming device is needed for transmitting information between locks, keys and the software.


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Abloy UK

Abloy UK

Abloy UK are the UK’s leading experts on high quality door locking and functionality. Abloy product range includes electric locking, cylinder, padlocks, door operators and more. Together, their solutions offer secure, compliant and lasting...
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