About Silva Wood Flooring

About Silva Wood Flooring

Focusing on high quality and consistent products from reputable sources, Silva Wood Flooring supply the finest hardwood flooring available in the UK market, fostering relationships with flooring manufacturers based in North America only using 100% Canadian hardwoods.

Silva Wood Flooring offer solid and engineered flooring in a wide range of hardwoods such as Red Oak, Maple, Ash, Cherry, Birch and Walnut with a range of cutting edge finishes and innovative technologies which set our range apart from alternative suppliers. All solid and engineered flooring in the range is manufactured from FSC® Certified timber.

Silva Wood Flooring is a division of Silva Timber Products, founded in 2000 with a reputation within the industry for quality and service. Silva Timber Products specialise in supplying high quality timber products to the build environment, self build and renovation market, as well as interior designers, garden landscapers and architects.

Why Choose Silva?
Committed to supplying only the highest quality products to the marketplace, Silva Wood Flooring's range has been curated with several key points in mind. We believe the quality of our products, combined with exemplary customer service sets Silva Wood Flooring apart from the competition. We've highlighted just a few reasons why Silva Wood Flooring's product range and service should be your point of call for all flooring requirements.

Design & Innovation
Innovation is at the heart of Silva Wood Flooring’s new line of wood flooring products. Whether it's the eyecatching appearance of a Geisha red floor from the Model Unique prefinished range, or the 7 layers of baltic birch enhancing stability in the Wickham Engineered collection, technological advances have been formulated to provide cutting edge products which transform traditional thinking on wood floors. Silva Wood Flooring only supply products which will stand the test of time through both contemporary style and impeccable performance, providing floors which will look good and last a lifetime.

Warranties as standard
All flooring products from Silva Wood Flooring come with a manufacturer's warranty on finish as standard, giving you peace of mind and an assurance on quality that is unrivalled in the industry. For residential applications, Wickham's range provides a 35 year warranty on finish, while Model guarantee their finish for life. On commercial applications, Model provide a 10 year warranty, a practice almost unheard of for flooring.

Industry Leading Finishes
Offering prefinished boards as standard, Silva Wood Flooring benefits from cutting-edge finishes no matter which product you choose.

Model Extreme
The very best coating in the industry, Model Extreme is unrivalled in resisting surface wear. Following intensive research and development, Model created Model Extreme which not only resists abrasion but provides a beautiful gloss surface. Tests have shown Model Extreme leads the industry for abrasion resistance and gloss maintenance over time. No finish offers better protection against loss of lustre than Model Extreme.

Wickham Oxylust+
With the addition of aluminium oxide to the polymer in the varnish, Wickham Hardwood Flooring's Oxylust+ offers enhanced hardness & durability and greater wear resistance than the competition. As bacteria is a major cause of odour and moisture problems, Wickham Hardwood Flooring protects all their products with the Ultra-Fresh treatment for the best defence against bacteria and fungi. Oxylust+ also offers superior protection against premature wood discolouration and yellowing, protecting against the residual UVA wavelengths that can discolour your floor.

True Species
Silva Wood Flooring have worked hard to ensure all products in the range are manufactured from species grown in Eastern Canada. Offering only 'true species' products, Silva's flooring range is old grown in sustainably managed forests, resulting in boards rich in colour and of the highest stability. Not every company can lay claim to only using trees harvested within a 200 mile radius of the processing plant, however Silva's suppliers pride themselves on it.

Choosing true species wood for your floor provides an assurance of stability and is a sign of quality. As Silva Wood Flooring's range is FSC Certified, we can prove where our wood has come from with 100% transparency. Question this when researching other products available on the market to ensure you are getting a like-for-like comparison to ensure you are not being sold an inferior product from outside of North America.

Customer Service
Striving to provide a wealth of information and support doesn't stop at our website, Silva Wood Flooring's customer support team are only a phone call away to discuss your latest project, requirements or queries. With over a decade's worth of experience from some of the most knowledgeable team members in the wood industry, we're more than happy to share our expertise and advice with you. You'll find our high customer service levels extend far beyond your first call, with our warehouse team taking pride in picking, packing and delivering your order, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have during or after installation.

Silva Wood Flooring is dedicated to the pursuit of best practice in the purchase of sustainable timber products. We understand the impact that forestry has on the environment and we ensure that all of our timber is legally sourced from well managed forests, protecting both biodiversity and the indigenous people's rights. With all our range sourced from FSC certified products, you can be assured wood from Silva has been harvested from well managed forests with transparency throughout the supply chain.

Choosing hardwood flooring is one of the wisest environmental decisions you will ever make. In addition to having an unlimited lifespan, hardwood flooring is made from one of our greatest renewable natural resources. It is clear that Silva would not exist today were it not for the plentiful supply of wood from our forests. We're committed to ensuring that supply will exist in perpetuity for everyone to benefit from and enjoy.

Impeccable Machining Quality
Silva's partner brands understand the need to keep cutting edge technologies and practices at the forefront of their operations. This also involves continuous development in new equipment and machinery to provide the best possible wood flooring products. As an example, Model invested $3.5 million in 2010 on new machinery for their production lines. Wickham also employ over 125 skilled workers to craft their high quality floor boards. Operations are the key to their success and is reflected in the high standards of workmanship put into each and every board, providing a product they can be proud in and customers can rely upon.

A little about our flooring brands:

Wickham Hardwood Flooring
A leading wood flooring company based in Quebec, Canada, Wickham Flooring originated in 1989. With determination and years of hard work, the company has come to play a major role in today’s market and earned worldwide recognition of its products.

Wickham's range of 100% Canadian Solid and Engineered flooring concentrates on uniform quality, leading edge technology and attractive products, with a broad range of hardwood products. Wickham's range is available from Silva Wood Flooring with the innovative Oxylust finish as standard, with a 35 year warranty on finish and structural wear in residential applications.

Model Hardwood Flooring
Established in 1979, PG Hardwood Flooring (Model) ranks among the largest hardwood flooring manufacturers in Canada. PG is renowned for the exceptional quality of its hardwood floors and has established an enviable reputation, thanks to the unique balance achieved in the finish applied to each board. Available in an array of colours, the PG Model® range unleashes a multitude of design options, creating truly unique floors for prestige commercial and residential applications. With the Extreme® finish, a Model® floor combines beauty with performance.

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