ACE fish friendly Flap Valves improve flood defence

ACE fish friendly Flap Valves improve flood defence

Aquatic Control Engineering was contracted by Byzak to design and supply the replacement flap valves at Goswick, Beal and Ross near Berwick upon Tweed. Operated by the Environment Agency these three structures, comprising of 6 old flapvalves, were failing to meet current standards for fish and eel migration and flood defence.

Each of the three areas had different issues to resolve but dedicated project management between all three parties allowed work to be completed smoothly on site, with no accidents or environmental incidents. Beal consisted of one flapvalve with a fish friendly float flap on the front. The total size was 2.5m x 1.4m with a 300DN fish friendly flap mounted on the front. ACE's loat system has been installed over 100 times since its creation with no recorded losses or failures and allows an optimal and adjustable level period where fish and eel can pass through.

The Goswick site comprised of three 2m x2m flapvalves with a 315DN fish friendly flap valve attachment. Similar in design to that of Beal their primary function was to allow additional time for migration to occur without compromising the larger flood defence door. Ross, an SSSI, is A|CE's 15th site involving the installation of their reset float fish friendly system, an innovative and unique ACE design, manufactured specifically to address tidal applications. Tidal levels are more extreme than catchment levels thus making the float system unfeasible in some cases.

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