ACE flood barriers at Jubilee Bridge

ACE flood barriers at Jubilee Bridge

ACE was contracted by Amalgamated Construction Ltd (Amco), who was working for the Environment Agency to provide emergency ACE Flood Barriers at Jubilee Bridge, Thorne. The flood embankments to each side of the bridge previously had a gap at each end of the bridge, so if a particularly heavy flood were to occur, flood waters could easily exit the embankments and flood Thorne, Moorends, Fishlake and surrounding land.

The design of ACE Flood Barriers was carried out in-house by ACE to provide a subtle solution. The key requirements were to avoid unwanted attention from vandals whilst allowing for quick deployment in times of flood. ACE Flood Barriers are housed within a purpose built enclosure and can be pulled out with minimal effort when required. The design of the barrier is unique in that the seals can be easily changed without the use of lifting equipment. This is achieved by using the sliding mechanism to allow full access to the seal around the gate. This alleviates the cost of cranes at regular service intervals and makes regular maintenance on ACE Flood Barriers cheap and effortless.

ACE Flood Barriers simple and effective design has drastically reduced the resource on man hours when deploying flood defences in the area by approximately 95%. The previous system for flood defence at that location involved the construction of a sand bag wall which took several man hours to place. This system often relied on the assistance of local farmers and other community members. ACE Flood Barriers have meant this area can now be safe from flooding in minutes.

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