ACO launches high-performance and efficient drainage for school designers and contractors

ACO launches high-performance and efficient drainage for school designers and contractors

ACO Building Drainage, the UK’s leading specialist in drainage systems and corrosion-resistant building products, has launched its latest range of high-performance products specially developed for the education sector.

ACO’s innovative products for schools include the latest drainage systems for kitchens, shower and changing rooms, plant rooms, and toilet and washrooms. In addition to stainless-steel gullies and channels, the comprehensive range of products on offer includes grease management systems, backflow prevention systems, access covers and gratings to give designers and contractors involved in building or renovating schools the flexibility to choose the best drainage solutions for each project.

Manufactured from high-quality materials, every product in ACO’s new range has been developed to meet the unique drainage needs of the educational sector, through eliminating design risk, reducing installation and lifetime costs and delivering exceptional finish and performance. For example, the grease management systems have been designed specifically to assist with drainage in kitchens and food preparation areas. These products collect fat, oil and grease within the drainage system effectively and in a way that is safe to both users and the environment.

Similarly, ACO’s family of stainless-steel drainage systems provides a safe and hygienic solution in any school shower and changing room environment. As well as shower gullies and channels to pipe systems and access covers, ACO also has a new range of fire-proof floor drainage systems in a choice of materials, intended to combine dependable drainage with a number of unique fire-prevention features.

In addition, these affordable drainage systems have been designed for those with limited mobility or disabilities, incorporating with the use of textured, slip-resistant gratings. Indeed, there is no need to raise the room floor height, making this a versatile solution for shower rooms with vinyl sheet flooring and can be used on timber or concrete floors. Furthermore, the system ensures all water enters the channel, confining it to the bathing area of the facility and reducing the risk of slipping.

To make product selection simple, ACO has also introduced a new product overview guide, Internal Drainage for Schools (attached), that is divided into application specific sections and outlines the key features of each product.

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