Acoustic ”ceiling clouds”

Acoustic ”ceiling clouds”

Cloudsorba acoustic “ceiling clouds” are an innovative method of absorbing reverberant noise without the visual appearance of just another one of those boring suspended ceilings.

The stunning visual effect of acoustic ‘clouds’ on ceiling spaces leaves an occupant or visitor with an impression of flair and forward thinking on behalf of the designer of the room or hall.

Cloudsorba acoustic panels are used in areas such as offices, schools, music studios, restaurants, shopping areas, airports, etc.

Difficult low frequency noises are easily absorbed due to the air gap created between the acoustic Cloudsorba panels and the soffit.

The simple method of installation of the Cloudsorba acoustic panels does not interfere with any electrical, piping, ducting or other services which may be fixed to the soffit. This method of installation fits easily into buildings which use the soffit for thermal cooling under BREEAM initiatives.

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