Acoustic control in a home studio

Acoustic control in a home studio

Mike Winn recently retired from working 60 hour weeks and is now making the most of his time out, in his beautiful home in Chesham by doing what he loves best, sharing his passion for jazz.

"Jazz is my passion; I would like to introduce more people to jazz"

Mike, an enthusiast, a jazz lover and a natural communicator shares his passion for jazz by broadcasting his shows over the radio. Each show is composed from his lifetime collection of music and aims to introduce 'real jazz' to a much wider audience.

Mike wanted to convert his stark, echoing room into a professional broadcasting area. In order to do this successfully he had to consider the acoustics of the room. After discussing his requirements with Soundsorba, it was decided that a combination of Diffusorba and Wallsorba should be used to get the right balance between soaking up the unwanted reflections whilst maintaining some sound in the room and diffusing it evenly across the space to ensure clear and accurate recording.

The result was one which not only met the acoustic requirements but also looked great and added character to the room. Mike, happy with the results, can now enjoy sharing his passion of jazz from his beautiful country style home.

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