ACTIS proves its environmental credentials

ACTIS proves its environmental credentials

In line with its commitments to make products that benefit the environment, and to reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing operations, ACTIS Insulation is delighted to announce that it is now certified to the international Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001.
Achieving the standard has involved ACTIS identifying the impact of its activities on the environment and putting in place actions to reduce these impacts as part of a continuous environmental improvement plan. It has also involved environmental awareness raising and training for its staff and contractors.
Over the last five years the company has made many changes to its manufacturing process and now manufactures all the components of its innovative multifoil insulation products at its modern, fully integrated production facilities near Toulouse, France. This gives it full control over the environmental impact and quality1 of the manufacture of its products.
Achieving certification to ISO 14001 clearly demonstrates our commitment to on-going improvement in our environmental performance. It is an important step for us as we continue to research and develop insulation products that benefit the environment throughout their life cycle” said Matthew King, Manager UK and Ireland, ACTIS Insulation Ltd.
ACTIS’ environmental credentials include:
Optimising the management of waste through:

  • The installation of waste sorting equipment in its factories.
  • Recycling of pallets at all production sites.
  • Investment in machinery that can reuse almost all production waste so that off cuts are recycled back into the production process; giving a wastage rate of almost zero.
  • Reducing energy consumption by, for example, planning production runs to avoid the need to keep stopping and restarting machinery.
    ACTIS is certified to the international quality standard ISO9001.
    Environmental benefits of ACTIS insulation include:
  • Action against all forms of heat losses in buildings and to take account of climatic nconditions variations (temperature, wind, moisture,…) so that customers save energy on heating in winter and cooling in summer.
  • Easy installation with very low wastage during installation.
  • Durability with long lasting insulation performance. For ACTIS, the environmental policy extends to protect the health of its users:
  • Design and manufacture of products that preserve the interior air quality.
  • Products that don’t cause any skin irritation.
  • Products that are light and easy to install. As part of its drive for continuous environmental improvement, ACTIS’ environmental targets for 2009 include:
  • Completing a lifecycle analysis of the environmental impact of its products, with a view to identifying ways to further reduce its environmental impact in the future.
  • Analysing the energy consumption of each machine at its manufacturing facilities with the aim of reducing energy consumption by 10% for each square meter of product made.
  • Identifying additional reductions in waste at all of its factories.
  • Exploring ways to increase the amount of raw materials sourced from renewable sources used in its products.
    Committed to innovation, every year ACTIS invests five percent of its turnover in research and development (Euro 15 million since 2003) to promote innovation and performance and its R & D department researches how to incorporate environmental management into its new products.
    The company has two test laboratories and two test sites in France with 12 buildings where it tests its products in full sized buildings which demonstrate the effectiveness of its insulation under real conditions, rather than relying only on laboratory tests.
    The company is using the results of these comparative tests in real conditions to understand more about the specific physical attributes of its products and to develop new holistic solutions to enable the construction of the low energy buildings that will be needed in the future.
    ACTIS has offered thin multifoil insulation for more than 11 years in the UK. Easy to install, this insulation offers excellent thermal performance in summer and winter and enables insulation specifiers to make the best use of living space, particularly in loft conversions and historic buildings, due to its thinness.
    Achieving certification to ISO14001 is part of ACTIS’ long term commitment to the environment, both in terms of production of its existing products and also in terms of research and development for the insulation products of the future.
    To find out more about ACTIS products, visit
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    Notes to editors
    ACTIS is a French SME based in Limoux in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, that specialises in the design and manufacture of thin reflective multifoil insulation products for use in construction (roofs, gables, walls and floors).
    Mr Riedel, founder of ACTIS, invented thin multifoil insulation in 1980, and ACTIS is the leader in this field with a 65% share of the European market. Currently, thin multifoil insulation products represent 6% of the UK insulation market.
    ACTIS is established in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain and Italy, and is supported by a distribution network (specialist insulation distributors, builders’ merchants and DIY superstores) of 10,000 points of sale in Europe.
    Since 31 January 2003, ACTIS has been part of the Laurent Thierry Group, suppliers of technical textiles to the automobile industry. This group includes some 210 employees and had a turnover of €105 million in 2007.

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