AFS LOGICWALL® approved for use in prisons

AFS LOGICWALL® approved for use in prisons

To ensure compliance with MOJ (Ministry of Justice) specifications, AFS Logicwall has recently been subjected to destructive testing in an independent testing facility.

The MOJ specification for category B prison cell walls are that they must be able to withstand a continuous 90 minute attack using a 14lb sledge hammer and a 18” jemmy bar. A wall system is deemed to have failed the test if a hole, big enough for a person to climb through, is broken in the wall. After the 90 minute attack (which was spread over the course of a few days due to the physically demanding nature of the test), a small hole was formed through the wall just big enough to pass a hand through!

AFS Logicwall had passed the test and has now been officially approved by the MOJ.

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