Air Uno manufactures even quieter extractor models

Air Uno manufactures even quieter extractor models

The noise level of extractors has always been a bugbear with consumers, but today’s manufacturers are bringing out models with impressively quiet operation.

In open-plan kitchen/living areas, nothing could be worse than the extractor drowning out conversation and that’s why it’s become increasingly important that these appliances optimise efficiency and silence by using the best aspiration capacity possible.

Air Uno has a number of models that operate very efficiently even at a lower, quieter speed. The Tosca, the Turandot, the Nabucco and the Mirror hood, all with an internal motor, operate as quietly as 38dB(A) which is no louder than a slight wind or a whisper.

A number of other models operate at 40-46 dB(A) at their quietest level. In addition, there are models available where the motor, either a remote or external one, can be put outside of the kitchen, therefore allowing you to use a powerful motor but keep the noise away from the room that the extractor is in. Look at Air Uno's Parsifal downdraft and Otello models for extractors without internal motors.

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