Airedale International Air Conditioning Reveals Their New Brand

Airedale International Air Conditioning Reveals Their New Brand

These are exciting times at Airedale, we are using today to inform you of the refresh we have implemented on our brand. We want to assure you that we are still the same great company with the same genuine values and nearly forty years unrivalled experience.

Our new brand has been developed around the following key themes which are central to Airedale:

British manufacturing

Airedale is extremely proud of its heritage and believes British manufacturing stands for Innovation, Quality and Service.

Air movement and heat transfer

Put simply our products move large volumes of air and transfer heat in an efficient manner. The new brand better represents these processes.


This is at the core of everything we do from design through manufacture to operation. Our goal is to reduce your operational costs throughout the lifecycle of the product


We are building a cohesive portfolio of products and services to provide a more comprehensive package tailored to our customers.

Our vision

Our new brand reflects our vision, differentiating us and our products and services from our competitors.

We have taken the decision to merge all Airedale sub-brands under the one Airedale brand (removing the Service and Controls brands). Presenting Airedale as a single brand will strengthen Airedale’s brand identity and will also make it easier for customers going forward by eliminating any ambiguity.

Our new brand includes a new strapline which complements our parent company, Modine and encompasses all areas of our business, our product offerings and most importantly, our vision.

Our new brand is clear, contemporary and is much more representative of our four key brand values; innovation, quality, service and environmental responsibility.

Why Rebrand?

Our brand is more than just our logo, it’s how our customers perceive us; it’s our reputation, it’s the way we work and our company ethos.

The history and goodwill associated with the Airedale brand is key to moving forward, but the current identity is in need of a refresh. As a modern engineering company, we need a strong, modern brand proposition which reflects our product offering, supports our company ethos of continuous improvement and complements our objectives.

Our new brand will fundamentally strengthen our brand identity and product / service offerings. Using a single brand is also more effective because it will allow us to simplify and present one strong key message and create brand consistency. It will enable us to build on the solid foundations we already have and critically, it will also allow us to provide you with an even better level of service.

Customer Benefits

As a manufacturer, continuous improvement is embedded in everything we do. We apply these same principles to our brand and the benefits it can deliver our customers.

The rebrand is not just about revamping our logo; it’s also about making improvements. It’s not only about seeing how we can do some things differently, but seeing how we can do them even better. If we fail to change, it means we fail to improve.

We want to continue to evolve with our customers and ensure that we remain well positioned to help our customers address the challenges of a rapidly changing market. This means taking the positives from what we currently do and what we’ve learnt during our forty years of experience and using them to build on our successes. The good news is that we have lots of positives to work with, but there is always room for improvement. For a successful business like Airedale, standing still is not an option.


A fundamental part of our success has been our ability to be proactive, innovate, recognise industry trends and maximise these opportunities by developing solutions which cater for a niche market. Airedale was born from this concept and we have always been a forward-thinking, creative and visionary company.

We’re a market leader, not a follower, which is why we promise to continue to inspire our customers, push boundaries to provide the best possible solutions, confront challenges head on and continually evolve and adapt to meet the needs of the market and that of our customers.

Yours Sincerely,

Clive Parkman
Managing Director
Airedale International

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