Airius Suspended Ceiling Kit features on BBC program

Airius Suspended Ceiling Kit features on BBC program

Anybody who tuned in to BBC1 on Wednesday evening will have seen Airius Europe Ltd’s innovative destratification fans in action. Supermarket Secrets aired at 9pm and was presented by MasterChef’s Gregg Wallace, who visited one of the UK’s largest Morrisons stores to reveal how supermarkets get the public in the mood for autumn.

During the documentary, Gregg tours the supermarket with retail specialist Nick Gray. As the pair pace through the chilled section of the store, they find themselves under one of Airius’ Suspended Ceiling Models. Nick comments, “People tend to want to get out of the chilled sections as quickly as they can. Customers don’t want to be cold, which is why supermarkets install these fans.”

The Airius Suspended Ceiling Model featured in the documentary, can be seen recirculating the air from below the ceiling (rather than from within the ceiling void) in order to reduce thermal stratification and keep customers warm – something Gregg was very impressed with.

The programme covers just one of over 200 Morrisons stores throughout the UK in which Airius’ destratification units have been installed. The units are now on the standard specification list for all new stores and will be retrofitted as part of the normal refurbishment program.

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