All-in-one hygiene solution for healthcare sector

All-in-one hygiene solution for healthcare sector

The miscea CLASSIC® by Ecoprod offers medical professionals a new way to optimise hand hygiene: a non-touch all-in-one solution.

The miscea CLASSIC® combines the functionalities of a water tap and two dispensers into one unique and innovative product.

This creates a new experience in hand sanitation by dispensing water together with soap and disinfectant.

Using the miscea CLASSIC® is a completely touch-free experience. It’s as simple as moving your hand over the indicated section of the glass dial, where a coloured light signal will show which product will be dispensed.

The miscea CLASSIC® also allows for sensor controlled water temperature adjustments, activated by simply moving your hand next to the ‘+’ or ‘-’ until the desired temperature is reached.

Full of innovative and handy features including a clear display screen, the miscea CLASSIC® is the ideal companion for busy dentists, vets and other medical professionals.


• Advanced IR sensor technology enables a completely touch free experience, while preventing risk of cross contamination and ensures high standards of hygiene.
• Unique, sealed refill system with peristaltic pumps further ensures optimal hygiene while reducing cleaning and maintenance.
• Exact dosage of skincare products reduce the steps required in hand sanitation by conveniently dispensing correct amount every time.
• Meets the hand hygiene requirements of HTM 01-05 and helps dental practices to demonstrate compliance with this document.
• The miscea CLASSIC® entirely complies with the WHO’s guidelines on hand hygiene in healthcare.
• Separate taps and dispensers are no longer needed allowing for a cleaner and more streamlined work environment while simplifying cleaning and maintenance.
• The miscea CLASSIC® does not drip, while any skincare product spills are neatly contained in the sink, which means a safer and cleaner area for staff, visitors and patients.

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