Altro XpressLay™ is the educated choice

Altro XpressLay™ is the educated choice

When Tunbridge Wells High School in Kent needed to refurbish its 200sqm canteen and dining hall, it turned to new Altro XpressLay™ to help complete the refurbishment before the start of the new school term.

Altro’s revolutionary new XpressLay is the first safety flooring which can be installed without the use of adhesive, making it extremely quick, easy and clean to install. Because there is need to wait for adhesive to cure, joints can be welded immediately in the traditional way.

At Tunbridge Wells High School, XpressLay was laid onto the existing surface, saving time and money on removing and disposing of the existing sub floor. Removing the old tiles, preparing the sub floor and installing the new flooring would normally have taken several days, but by using Altro XpressLay, the installation time was reduced to just one day.

With up to 10% recycled material and a BRE generic A+ environmental rating, specifying Altro XpressLay also helped Tunbridge Wells High School meet its important sustainability criteria. It is also 100% recyclable, and because there is no adhesive, post-consumer waste could easily be recycled at Altro’s in-house safety flooring recycling facility without the usual problems of sub floor, screed and other contamination.

Mick Canty from MC Flooring commented: “I was extremely impressed with Altro XpressLay, it’s so easy to work with and looks great. With the school shut down for just a few weeks, timescales were extremely important and being able to over lay the existing floor saved considerable time and money. Plus because there’s no adhesive that needs to cure, the floor could be walked on straightaway which made me very popular with other contractors who needed access to the area.

“Everyone was extremely pleased with the installation at Tunbridge Wells High School. There were lots of factors to consider and Altro XpressLay ticked all of the boxes, and then some!”

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