ALUCOBOND® naturAL: Authentic surfaces

ALUCOBOND® naturAL: Authentic surfaces

Technology and progress, sensuality and aesthetics are the opposing keywords, merging to a harmonic overall impression within the use of aluminium in design. Aluminium stands as a synonym for technology, light-weight, speed and performance. It is the material of modern times with its own progressive aesthetics. By reflection and absorption of the light, aluminium surfaces are showing visual interesting and vivid structures.

The ALUCOBOND® naturAL series offer a design tool enabling the creation of contemporary and timeless architecture with authentic aluminium surfaces combined with the proven features of ALUCOBOND®
Besides the already existing surfaces brushed and line the new surfaces sparkling and reflect endorse the palette:

ALUCOBOND® naturAL sparkling:
matt shiny surface with intensive lustre effect due to special treatment of the aluminium
The specially treated aluminium surface shows a very fine, satin and lustrous visual appearance. The fascinating combination of surface and reflection of the light is a creative architectural tool.

ALUCOBOND® naturAL reflect:
Architecture can be vain
The mirror, symbol of vanity, is fascinating people ever since. Specular surfaces are fascinating. Whether as partial highlights of larger surfaces, specular material is appealing with its noble appearance.
All surfaces of the ALUCOBOND® naturAL series are designed for exterior use. With its very simple processing possibilities and its low weight, ALUCOBOND® is a real alternative to stainless steel. Combined with other materials such as glass, stone or wood aluminium surfaces are both, technically modern and poetically sensual.

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