Aluminium Decking: Benefits of a Non-Slip Powder Coating

Aluminium Decking: Benefits of a Non-Slip Powder Coating

From keeping your environment safe to retaining your fire certification, in this article, Alfresco Floors discuss the benefits of a non-slip powder coating for your decking made from aluminium.

With combustible materials now deemed unsafe for use on the external elements of a building above 18 metres in height, aluminium decking brings together a number of viable options that meet these new standards.

Please note: some methods for incorporating slip resistance to the aluminium decking product will affect the aluminium’s fire rating. This is particularly important if your project involves a balcony, terrace, walkway or other ‘specified attachment’ above 18 metres in height.

What is Aluminium Decking?

Put simply, aluminium decking is an external flooring system made from aluminium.

Whilst aluminium possesses numerous attractive qualities, when untreated, it can be very a smooth material, which, when used as a flooring application, can pose a significant slip hazard, particularly in environments that are susceptible to surface moisture/precipitation. Examples include busy restaurants, bars, and hotels.

However, aluminium decking can be made slip-resistant in a variety of ways, from applying a non-slip material to the surface of the aluminium or by incorporating a specialist coating during the manufacturing stage.

At Alfresco Floors, they use a unique coating system that provides anti-slip functionality. According to the European Classification system, this makes the decking Class A2 rated, and therefore an appropriate flooring solution for your high-rise specified attachment or balcony.

Decking Made from Aluminium: The Benefits of a Non-Slip Powder Coating

A non-slip powder coating will ensure a number of benefits for your project. First, as it doesn’t contribute to fire, you will retain the fire certification of your metal decking whilst also keeping your environment safe. Note that the amount of powder coating applied could have an impact on the amount of smoke and droplets produced, which may mean the fire certification does not meet the A2 s1 d0 requirement. The fire certificate will say what standard has been reached.

You won’t have to utilise other materials such as rubber to maintain slip resistance; rubber cannot be used on buildings above 18 metres.

Specifying decking made from aluminium that is powder-coated will also provide you with an array of design possibilities – with the ability to select a colour option that is suited to your brand/requirements.

You also gain the benefits of aluminium itself, including its durability, sustainability, and long lifespan.

Aluminium is one of the lightest building materials available, meaning fewer risks during construction, easier to transport and easier to repair.


Aluminium decking is strong, durable, and resistant to rust, all of which adds to its popularity for specification.

Using Alfresco’s unique non-slip coating technology, you can maintain the visual appeal of aluminium decking whilst providing a safe solution for your high-rise external flooring project.

Available in three stock item colours, their aluminium decking can also be supplied in any RAL colour to ensure that you get exactly the aesthetic your scheme demands.

If you’d like any more information on how aluminium decking can provide you with a safe, fire-rated result, don’t hesitate to talk to an expert today. Simply call 020 8977 0904

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