Aluminium: The Trusted Building Material

Aluminium: The Trusted Building Material

Aluminium is the ubiquitous construction material, constantly evolving with design. It is a building material that offers the designer reassurance as well as catering for new demands. For construction professionals gaining a grasp of its capability is a future proof skill.

Aluminium gives the architect the opportunity to design feature and style to a building every time it is specified. Naturally, each project is different and aluminium can complete the design concept of even the most innovative practice. Developments in 3D modelling and extrusion now mean that aluminium is the building material which literally pushes the envelope to the forefront of design.

Now with improvements in glass and to keep up with Document L, systems can utilise thermal foam and increased thermal break technology to take performance to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6. With the EAA’s (European Aluminium Association) “Future Generations” initiative, aluminium’s long reputation as a recyclable material is gaining further exposure. Future Generations, is a scheme which high-lights that the use of aluminium is actually creating a bank of material that can be re-used and recycled in the future. Aluminium is a true “cradle-to-cradle” material with a real end of life value. In fact, due to the value of scrap aluminium, it has one of the most development recycling schemes in existence.

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