Amina Excelsior Class Exciter Launched in Flagship invisible speaker

Amina Excelsior Class Exciter Launched in Flagship invisible speaker

Amina Excelsior Class Exciter Launched in Flagship invisible speaker

British high tech speaker design company Amina Technologies is delighted to announce an upgrade to their existing audiophile flagship product, the 2-way AIW750E featuring the first use of the companies first Excelsior class vibrational sound excitation device.

The new Excelsior exciter is a very high power Neodymium magnetic engine featuring truly exceptional innovation in magnetic flux control, power handling and efficiency. The exciter is the first in a new generation of proprietary designs from Amina creating vibrational drive engines tailored to excite specific frequency ranges in flat panel audio solutions providing the most linear, smooth and extended (in this case in the high frequency area) frequency response whilst also increasing maximum power handling.

Central to the design criteria is magnetic efficiency. Advanced computer modelling has enabled the company to create uniquely focussed concentration of flux density in the magnetic coil enabling more acoustic output from a given amount of Neodymium magnet material – something today which is a rare and increasing expensive commodity.

The new Excelsior class 25mm voice coil exciter is designed specifically for ultra smooth and extended high frequency operation, is being applied first to upgrade the company’s flagship Evolution range product – the AIW750E.

The two part AIW750E is the most powerful, smoothest power response and widest bandwidth totally invisible speaker on the market, and the new upgraded version sets the industry standard for invisible sound solutions.

The AIW750E is unique in that it uses two separate optimised panels fed via an external crossover, increased bass extension is ensured whilst the dedicated mid/high panel delivers a highly detailed and open sound stage, and like the existing Evolution family members launched over the last 15 months, they fully exploit the companies new "OptiDriveTM" and “OptiDampingTM” technologies whilst introducing the company’s new “OptiModalTM” technology.
Also new within the upgraded AIW750 is a technique of creating a different size panel for the Mid/High frequency unit, further enhancing the effect of overlapping model distribution of acoustic energy in to the room.

The Amina Evolution AIW750E specifications in brief:
Frequency response (with 2mm plaster skim): 50 Hz – 20 kHz
Power handling (continuous/peak): 100W/200W
Impedance (nominal): 4 Ohm
Dimensions: (LF Panel): 450mm x 345mm x 40mm
Dimensions: (HF Panel): 450mm x 200mm x 40mm
Sensitivity: 87dB/2.83V/1m
Featured Technology: OptiDriveTM; OptiDampingTM; OptiModalTM

The Evolution AIW750E is designed for use with the company’s existing BackboxFS and BackboxFS-S200 in stud walls or ceilings. When physically locating the two units, the bass panel benefits from close proximity to floor or ceiling boundary and the mid/high panel should be positioned directly above, beside or below it.

For further fidelity improvement the product can also be used in a bi-amplifier configuration. The company can also advise installers on parameter settings for those wishing to establish ultra dynamic DSP based crossover solutions as an alternative to the external passive crossover provided with the product.

The Evolution 750 is designed to be specified and used in high-end stereo and surround sound applications in homes, and in premier commercial facilities where paramount interior design dictates absolute invisible audio technology, preventing the use of conventional bass enhancement.

Amina’s products are based upon the concept of reproducing sound from a vibrating surface, just like that of a natural musical instrument. The company uses terms such as ‘electronic tuning fork’ and ‘soundboard’ (made from high tech composite materials) to describe its revolutionary, flat paneled products which are designed to be installed into walls or ceiling ahead of the final skim of plaster being applied. This invisible solution is perfect for historic and modern minimalist designs whether for stunningly beautiful residential homes or high end commercial facilities. The product is designed to replace a cut away section of plasterboard, and, once cables are in place, is extremely quick and simple to install either in a new build or in a retrofit renovation.

The Evolution AIW750E carries a 10 year manufacturer limited warranty, and Amina support the product with a detailed installation training program. The product requires specialist installation knowledge and is not available directly to the consumer, thus enabling our installation partners to protect their Unique Selling Propositions and keep margins secure.

Amina provides full installation training for integrators and installers, covering important themes, not only of correctly specifying and best practice installation techniques, but construction constraints and considerations, reducing sound bleed, testing, responsibilities of, and managing and interfacing with other trades to create high quality reliable long term audio solutions. These are regularly held in Central London, the company’s facilities in Huntingdon, and occasionally in other locations around the country, but can also be held at customer premises and project sites as required.

The product is available now and Amina factory personnel are available to discuss pricing and offer project assistance.

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