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The EJOT range of anchoring systems caters for virtually every type of construction application. From lightweight applications such as warehouse racking and railings to major civil engineering projects, we can provide an anchoring solution that has been engineered to offer assured performance in line with the project specification.

LIEBIG heavy-duty anchors
LIEBIG anchoring technology has been designed for exceptional loading and exceptional performance, which is why the brand has become synonymous around the world with safety critical anchoring. The range brings together the power of LIEBIG’s original anchoring technology with EJOT’s manufacturing and technical excellence.

Each of the four different types of LIEBIG anchors has a modular design which provides engineers and architects with the versatility to tailor their anchoring approach:

LIEBIG Ultraplus
LIEBIG Ultraplus is a unique undercut anchor designed for exceptionally high loads as well as shock and seismic loads. When the Ultraplus the anchor is installed, the expansion segments are driven down to the undercut in the drilled hole. The spring pressure automatically expands the segments into the undercut with an audible “click.” This results in a mechanical undercut connection without any expansion pressure, providing a “positive undercut” which allows perfect bearing of the segments and ensures reliable transmission of the load into the concrete.

LIEBIG Superplus BLS range
The LIEBIG Superplus BLS is the only genuine market-wide self-undercutting anchoring system that does not require special setting tools. Unique in design, the undercut is created when the installation torque is applied, and the sleeve’s outer cutting teeth expand into the base material. The result is a high-strength mechanical interlock in both cracked and non-cracked concrete, which has a proven track record in safety-critical applications worldwide.

Available in zinc plated carbon steel and A4 stainless steel, its design offers the high load capacity and reliability of an undercut anchor, with the ease of installation normally associated with an expansion anchor. The design of Superplus results in minimal expansion forces which makes it ideal for applications with small spacings and close to the edge of concrete. Two embedment depths per anchor diameter are also possible with this UKTA and ETA approved product, which also meets the requirements of the ACI 355 Nuclear Performance Standard.

LIEBIG Safety Bolt
The LIEBIG Safety Bolt is a heavy duty anchor offering increased security thanks to its double expansion design. The installation torque causes the anchor’s two opposing cones to be drawn into the expansion sleeve, causing the sleeve to be pressed against the sidewalls of the hole over its entire length. This results in optimum frictional resistance and high load capacity in cracked and non-cracked concrete.

LIEBIG Anchorbolt
This general purpose heavy duty anchor offers economical high capacity anchoring for a wide range of uses. The installation torque draws the anchor’s cone into the thick-walled expansion sleeve causing it to be pressed against the sidewalls of the hole, and developing tension resistance through friction. It is approved for use in cracked and non-cracked concrete and available in two variants – the type AB with hexagonal nut, domed washer and threaded stud and type AS with hexagonal nut and domed washer.

Chemical anchors
EJOT's two-part chemical anchoring system enables high strength installation into cracked and non-cracked concrete, brick and block and offers an alternative where other anchoring approaches are not possible. Central to the system is a high quality threaded stud available in zinc-plated and A4 stainless steel, which features an embedment depth marker on the shaft and a nut and washer mechanism engineered for problem-free installation.

The stud is secured with EJOT's powerful Multifix VSF resin, a styrene free low-odour anchor mortar making it a two-component chemical anchoring system based on a ‘high reactivity’ vinylester resin. Multifix VSF comes with ETA 13/0918 for concrete.

ETA-approved through-bolts
EJOT offers next generation through-bolts that enable high performance anchoring into cracked and non-cracked concrete. The through-bolts give designers, engineers and installers a complete range of ETA approved products, manufactured to provide a safe and reliable solution for regular heavy duty applications.

The second generation BA-Plus through-bolt range has been engineered to provide vastly upgraded torque controlled efficiency, with option 1 approval for the most critical cracked and non-cracked concrete scenarios. Available in carbon steel and stainless steel for high corrosion environments, this catering for even the most demanding environmental situations. The BA-C NC zinc plated through-bolt comes with option 7 approval for non-cracked concrete, balancing . That means safety and a cost-effective investment for virtually all indoor applications

Concrete screws
The EJOT JC2 and JC6-KB are next generation concrete screws which extend the scope for installers to easily achieve a safe and reliable attachment for metal fixtures as well as other hard base materials. JC2 self-tapping concrete screws can be used in an increased range of applications, from façade scaffolding, handrails to battens, cable racks and formwork, warehouse racking and conveyor systems.

In addition to the core product range of galvanised or zinc alloy coated carbon steel concrete screws, EJOT UK offers an ETA-approved fastener with enhanced corrosion resistance. The JC6-KB is a bi-metallic concrete screw manufactured in A4 316 stainless steel with hardened carbon steel lead threads making it suitable for outdoor option 1 concrete applications and approved for environmental classifications ranging from C1 up to C4, in accordance with BS EN 12944.

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