ANCON leads the way with CE Marking of brick support systems and windposts

ANCON leads the way with CE Marking of brick support systems and windposts

ANCON has achieved all the necessary welding and factory production control certification to CE-mark its structural steel components, including masonry support systems and windposts, under the EU Construction Products Regulation.

The certification, gained in May 2013, followed a thorough audit of the company’s design and fabricating operations in accordance with EN 1090. Expert external auditors verified Ancon’s design methods to Eurocode 3, Welding Quality Management System to ISO 3834 and that all welding personnel held EN 287 qualifications. In addition, a number of other procedural and performance requirements were checked to EN ISO 15614, EN 1418 and EN 5817.

The third-party certification means that Ancon can legally supply its fabricated structural steel components with the globally recognised CE-mark. Fabrications include brick support systems, windposts, compression systems and balcony connectors. These, combined with CE-Marked cavity wall ties, masonry reinforcement and lintels to BS EN 845, form Ancon’s full range of CPR-compliant products.

“The process of gaining CE Marking on structural steel components is designed to ensure consistent quality standards and to reduce risk, so it is important that engineers recognise what assurances the Mark gives and demand CE-marked products for their projects”, said Stuart Maxwell, Managing Director of Ancon. “Achieving all the requirements for fabricated components is an incredibly complex process, requiring strict working standards and controls, as well as Eurocode-compliant designs.

“Fortunately, Ancon’s commitment to best-in-class operations and its experience in other European markets where CE marking has been compulsory for some time, has ensured that robust design and manufacturing processes, and the internal expertise to support them, were already in place. This has enabled us to meet the new standards quickly, with only minimal changes to procedures and supporting documentation. Those operating to old design codes or inadequate internal controls may find the process extremely challenging.”

From 1st July 2013, all Ancon bespoke structural steelwork has been delivered with a project-specific CE mark, linked directly to a Declaration of Performance, a Factory Production Control (FPC) certificate and a welding certificate.

Further information on how CE marking works and which products are involved is available in a free 12-page guide available to download from the Ancon website at

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