Andy Murray’s Junior Tennis Club choose Progeny

Andy Murray’s Junior Tennis Club choose Progeny

Andy Murray, US Open Champion and ranked as one of the world’s best tennis player puts his meteoric rise to tennis stardom as a combination of hard work, dedication and attention to detail. But perhaps it’s the time Andy spent at Dunblane Sports Club as a junior that laid the foundations for his success.

Dunblane Sports Club nestles between the golf club and Ochlochy Park and is a thriving hub of activity for all ages. The artificial grass outdoor courts are ideal for playing tennis all year round for members and visitors alike. The club also has two squash courts as well as racket ball and table tennis.

Dunblane Sports Club is well known for tennis, particularly as it was the club where Judy Murray took her two sons. It was apparent that Andy and Jamie were destined for success as they trained and played against juniors and adults many years their senior – and won!

Progeny is considered to be the most versatile access control system on the market. Easy to install, packed full of features, extremely reliable and intuitive software Progeny ticks all the boxes and puts the ‘advantage firmly in the court’ of the facilities manager. It was no surprise that the management of the club chose Progeny for their access control system.

The Progeny system in use at the club is the hugely popular P2 system which currently manages around 150 users who make use of the clubs facilities 7 days a week.

Commenting on the system Bernie Beattie, Treasurer: ‘we liked the idea of a system that tracks who enters the club and when they entered, it’s also very easy to disable fobs when people suspend or cancel their membership.’

Before the Progeny system was installed the club used an ASSA door key system for around 25 years and lots of keys were in the hands of members and non-members alike. Managing access became even more difficult as the keys could be copied and the decision was taken to find an alternative high performing access control system. As the club entrance is unmanned for a lot of the time it meant that it was essential to not only install a system that was reliable but also accountable. The intuitive Doors Enterprise software allows the club management to download data from the door entry system which can easily be displayed in an excel spread sheet. New members can also be added with ease.

Progeny’s P2 system has many unique features and benefits which puts it head and shoulders above the competition, such as the systems’ ability to grow according to the application needs. It is efficient and cost effective and ideally suited for small to medium sized applications up to a maximum of 16 doors and 2000 users. Above all it is simple to use and provides excellent levels of accountability. System activity is monitored and can be viewed using simple to create reports from within the software and adding custom fields into the card database allows for even more tailored reports to be created. In addition P2 offers many cost benefits both in terms of the system cost but also installation. Ethernet electronics are used at board level which provides major cost savings allowing the deployment of IP connected access controllers at a fraction of the normal cost. And a new approach to reader data transmission allows for simple 4 core cable to be used, saving on cabling costs and reducing the time spent during installation.

Commenting on the P2 system Ian Bend Progeny’s Technical Director said: “We were delighted that Dunblane Sports Club chose Progeny. Progeny systems are easy to install and manage, extremely reliable and offer the Facility Manager complete accountability to who has access, when and where. In this way valuable assets and revenue streams can be protected”.

One of the other very important benefits of choosing Progeny access control is the after-sales service and technical support on offer. The Progeny website contains an extensive resource of technical help ranging from data sheets, technical papers, and online technical help and support. In addition the company also have a team of office based experts and engineers who can provide guidance and site visits when necessary.

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