Anti-ligature products for mental health

Anti-ligature products for mental health

As Contour continues to lead the way for anti-ligature solutions, they are pleased to introduce their three new products for mental health environments. They are:

• The Anti-Ligature Ventilation Grille
• The Anti-Ligature TV Cabinet
• The Anti-Ligature Light Switch Cover

What does Anti-ligature mean?

An anti-ligature products prevent anyone from attaching anything to it that could inflict harm to themselves or anyone else. Particularly beneficial in mental health settings, Contour has worked hard to develop safe solutions for those at most risk.

The Anti-ligature Ventilation Grille

Ventilation Grilles are often positioned on ceilings or on high walls and their openings can be used to create a ligature point. With its robust, metal structure, Contour’s anti-ligature ventilation grille can be fitted over the existing grille or opening to provide an anti-ligature solution whilst giving easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

The anti-ligature ventilation grille front panel is secured to its framework with a Tamper proof torx bolt. When removed, the front panel can be hinged open without falling, allowing you to clean and maintain to a high standard.

This also means that the fixings into the wall or ceiling are not compromised every time the unit is accessed for cleaning, like standard fixed units.

The anti-ligature ventilation grille is available in a range of colours and sizes to fit into your establishment’s aesthetics.

The Anti-ligature TV cabinet

Fully encapsulating the television, Contour’s anti-ligature TV cabinet provides ultimate protection. Often placed in communal areas, televisions are an integral part of any mental health facility.

Televisions are often expensive pieces of equipment that are susceptible to damage, particularly when located in such areas. As with the anti-ligature ventilation grille, the TV cabinet only allows for authorised access, enabling you to access the television when required.

The Anti-ligature light switch cover

Damage limitation is at the forefront of Contour’s newest items and the anti-ligature light switch cover is no exception. They recognise that the temptation to vandalise may become more attractive when there is potential to ‘self-harm,’ too. In this instance, a damaged light switch could cause electrocution.

The misuse of light switches can also lead to arguments and confrontations, where you have patients or Pupils playing with the switches repetitively. One NHS trust also had the problem of staff using the emergency lights as night-time lighting by mistake and draining the batteries, which is not ideal when in an emergency situation.

Limiting these issues and risks is the main concept behind the anti-ligature light switch. Authorised personnel will be in charge of accessing the cover opening to turn the lights on at the start and end of the day.


As with Contour’s products LST radiators, the light switch cover and ventilation grille are covered in BioCote®, providing antimicrobial protection.

Contour Heating is the only company to incorporate BioCote® anti-microbial protection into our LST and anti-ligature products. This unique, patented additive provides an effective, safe and long-lasting solution to combatting a wide range of dangerous bacteria, including MRSA and E.coli.

One final note

Contour is very proud to be expanding our business portfolio with the introduction of three new products. They’re constantly aiming to develop our product range and provide the most informative material for our customers.

Contour will always aim to accommodate your individual needs. All products are available in a range of sizes and colours, offering bespoke options when necessary.

Have any queries, or struggling to find the product that matches your exact requirements? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of their advisors where they will endeavour to assist in your buying journey.

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