Architectural mesh for University of Essex

Architectural mesh for University of Essex

Aluminium Brocklebank 20/5 architectural wire mesh façade cladding on top of University of Essex student accommodation. The student accommodation requires an amount of plant on the roof; heating and air conditioning units, fans and ducting. The mesh enclosure effectively hides the unsightly plant from the view of people in the adjacent Library which is several floors higher and overlooks the Student Centre.

The left hand enclosure is accessed from inside the building and has two double gates onto the roof and second enclosure. The latter is entered via a double gate in the centre. The library building itself has a similar enclosure but with no mesh roof as it is not overlooked.

The enclosures are made from galvanised steel beams with our aluminium ‘Olympic’ extrusion as cross supports. The mesh is then screwed either through the steel work or into our extrusion depending which edge it is. The gates all have twin locks for added security.

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