ArjoHuntleigh Has Your Number!

ArjoHuntleigh Has Your Number!

ArjoHuntleigh has developed a permanent and cost-effective process to enable slings to be identified in accordance with The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998.

If you are unable to identify each of your patient hoist slings uniquely, LOLER requirements cannot be met. The majority of slings do not carry a serial number and the ones that do can become illegible due to heavy usage and deterioration during the washing process.

The new Electronic Sling Identification System from ArjoHuntleigh provides the optimum solution to code new and existing slings as well as those supplied by other manufacturers. A small waterproof transponder, similar in size to a grain of rice, is embedded into the beading of the sling between the stitching and close to a support strap. The transponder holds a unique serial number. In addition to the transponder the sling can be fitted with an optional heat shrink identification tag for ease of recognition. An electronic hand reader is used to identify the tagged slings and stores information such as when the sling was last serviced and the date the next service is due.

LOLER requires that both lifting equipment and accessories for lifting are thoroughly examined at least every six months or in accordance with your service contract. This new classification tool from ArjoHuntleigh makes it possible.

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