Automatic doors – occupier obligations [BLOG]

Automatic doors – occupier obligations [BLOG]

At Safetell, safety is always top of their priority list, therefore occupiers are trained on the use of power-operated doors. This training includes matters such as:

1. Advice to children and parents to reduce risk
2. Advice to elderly, infirm and people with disabilities to reduce risk
3. Taking action in an emergency
4. Routine occupier maintenance e. g. wiping safety sensors
5. Appropriate signage to BS 7036-0 2014
6. Weekly safety inspections and provide a QR code labels with free access to online training videos
7. Keeping the Logbook up to date and provide replacements if the Logbook is lost or misplaced. A Logbook should be stored and maintained.

It includes:
• Contact details of the manufacturer
• Unique ID
• Door Location/s
• All service, repair and adjustments made
• Date of completion of installation
• Recommendations
• ID of any protective devices

Take a look below at ADSA’s videos which demonstrate Occupier Safety Checks (required at least weekly).

Occupier Safety Checks for Automatic Sliding Doors

Occupier Safety Checks for Automatic Swing (Hinged) Doors

Safetell are open to questions and discussion with their customers and audience about Automatic Door servicing. If you have any questions, please email

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