Automatic Smoke Vents Save Lives

Automatic Smoke Vents Save Lives

Whitesales offer Em-Vent Smoke Ventilators that can save lives by opening in the event of a fire to reduce smoke and heat build-up along fire escape routes. They also maximise natural light and open manually for ventilation – perfect for residential and commercial buildings such as apartments, hotels, schools, shops and offices.

As well as being certified to CE EN 12101-2, the polycarbonate glazing is also impact resistant and up to 250 times stronger than glass. Em-Vent Smoke Ventilators can be manually opened using an Em-Vent smoke control control panel to increase ventilation and are designed to maximise light inside buildings that have few external windows.

Available in a selection of options from single, double and triple glazed polycarbonate or solid insulated covers, Em-Vent Smoke Ventilators are a versatile, secure and practical solution for a range of building types. They come in over 55 different sizes and open to 160°. They may also be operated for maintenance access to flat roofs.

Em-Vents can be installed to operate as a stand-alone system or as a large networked system with additional options such as Em-Vent smoke control panels, manual control points, smoke detectors and fireman’s priority switches. Most importantly, they arrive on site to your schedule, fully assembled to specification and ready to install.

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