B & W Loudspeakers, Worthing, East Sussex

B & W Loudspeakers, Worthing, East Sussex

Client: B & W Loudspeakers, Worthing, East Sussex
Value: £124,000 + VAT
Contractor: Mansell Construction Ltd
Type of works: design and installation of a multi-purpose, 1,000m2 mezzanine structure including fire-protection and production facilities.

A famous East Sussex-based company, B & W Loudspeakers, that is renowned for supplying pop icon Madonna with her fabulous "Nautilus" speakers, costing over £35,000, commissioned RDA Projects to supply a mezzanine structure for use in it's new factory.

The multi-purpose 1,000m2 mezzanine structure was designed at a new site adjacent to B & W's existing factory and warehouse in Worthing. The 6,000mm high platform was designed to house the hi-fi speaker sanding, preparation and painting plant, together with associated raw materials and products storage for work in progress to these areas.

The production facility accommodated both very wet areas and very dry areas, posing all kinds of design problems for RDA's structural engineers. Parts were exposed to highly damaging cellulose paints and other corrosive chemicals, whilst others were subjected to very high temperature curing oven and drying rooms.

Special structural deck inserts, surface protection, insulation and sloping falls were required to create drainage and to ensure long-term performance of the overall floor with minimal future maintenance.

The entire structure is fully 1-hour fire protected with special high-level safety loading facilities for fork truck operations.

Exceptional beam spans were needed to avoid obstructing a long row of numerous, large roller-shutter doors into the warehouse areas at ground floor. The resultant high-imposed loads to the slab meant special foundation bases had to be designed into the new slab at the concept stage. RDA's early involvement ensured the entire process was properly co-ordinated to a successful and timely conclusion, at the most advantageous cost to the client.

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