Bailey Atlantic Sustainable Single-Ply Membrane

Bailey Atlantic Sustainable Single-Ply Membrane

Bailey Atlantic is a sustainable single-ply membrane, based on thermoplastic polyethylene (TPE). At a thickness of 2mm, Atlantic is tougher than other single-ply membranes, which increases resistance to weathering and puncturing.

In addition, it is not degraded by exposure to UV light, and these two factors lead to a life expectancy in excess of 40 years. This gives Atlantic a major advantage when looking at whole-life costings.

Unlike PVC, Atlantic contains no chemicals that cause damage to the atmosphere and it is fully recyclable at any stage of its life.

Atlantic is easily installed using either hot-air guns, or automatic machines. These heat the material to between 500 and 600°C, at which temperature the material is softened to the point where it fuses to itself, resulting in a highly successful weld. No preparation is required and no adhesives or solvents are necessary.

Atlantic is supplied as a complete system, including insulation and vapour barriers, the whole being installed without the use of torch or boiler.

Bailey Atlantic is root-proof without further protection (FLL factor), making it very economical as part of a green-roof system, either extensive or intensive.

Bailey Atlantic has been awarded BBA Certification, Certificate no. 04/4146.

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