Bailey Eco-Roof Green Roof Systems

Bailey Eco-Roof Green Roof Systems

Intensive and extensive planting coupled with a sustainable waterproofing layer creates a roof which is both environmentally responsible and beneficial. Bailey Eco-Roof green roof systems provide the specifier a range of vegetation, plants and application methods to meet the intended use and aesthetic demands of the project.

Eco-Roof green roof systems offer many advantages to both the specifier and the client. Apart from introducing a creative dimension to the flat roof project, Bailey Eco-Roof provides many financial and environmental benefits, including; reduced heating and cooling costs, rainwater attenuation, reduced flood risk, improved visual appearance, reduced CO2 pollution, heat absorption, reduced noise pollution and provision of a natural habitat for displaced flora and fauna.

Eco-Roof green roofs are available in three main types of planting; intensive (including semi-intensive), extensive and biodiverse (brown roofs).

Bailey’s Eco-Roof can be designed into many flat roof projects, due to the design flexibility of the system. As every flat roof is different, it is essential that the right system is selected. At Bailey, as well as having a solution to every flat roof situation, their experience of over 30 years in the industry, is made available at every stage.

Whatever the specification, Bailey Roofing can supply the complete system together with expert advice assistance and recommendations. Bailey Eco-Roof systems come complete with a whole range of components and accessories and a wide variety of plants.

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