Bailey’s budget-friendly Commodity range

Bailey’s budget-friendly Commodity range

Bailey’s Commodity range are tourch applied, fully modified bitumen membranes that are idea for projects where the main criteria is to meet a tight budget and is quick and easy to install.

Bailey Commodity Systems are suitable for use on flat and sloped / pitched roofs on both domestic and commercial projects, and are available in various coloured mineral and sanded finishes.

High bond strength and greater resistance to break down, results in a lasting roofing system backed up by a 10, 12 or 15 year guarantee. The torch applied membranes are manufactured to a high and consistent standard and are readily available at competitive prices.


• High quality special modified plastomeric bitumen membrane with polyester reinforcement
• Resistant to UV light.
• 4.5kg/m2 capsheet
• 2.5kg/m2 underlay
• Low cost alternative to Classic, where the emphasis is on meeting budget.
• Resistance to heat
• Absorbs thermal movement
• Resistant to marking in warmer weather conditions.
• Available with 10 year guarantee


• High performance torch-on membrane waterproofing system
• Polyester reinforcement for excellent dimensional stability and elastic performance.
• SBS modification technology
• Swift and easy product to install
• Widely used for domestic and commercial projects where funds are limited but a long lasting flat roof is required
• Particularly suited to contracts where the emphasis is to meet a budget.


• APP-modified plastomeric bitumen membrane
• 2mm glass fibre reinforced underlay or 4mm for double underlay
• 3.5 or 4.5kg/m2 polyester reinforced capsheet
• Available in various coloured mineral finishes, including green, black and tweed
• Resistant to UV
• Robust and durable product, lasting in excess of 20 years.
• Suitable for use in all flat roofing situations,
• Backed up by a 12 year self-issue guarantee.
• Resistant to marking in warmer weather conditions.
• Absorbs thermal movement

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