BAL external tiling at Baden Lodge

BAL external tiling at Baden Lodge

BAL provided Gutjahr System Technology for Baden Lodge in the East Tyrolean Alps.

The Baden Lodge is a high alpine shelter that lies in the Frosnitztal Valley near Matrei which is part of the Venediger mountain group in the East Tyrolean Alps.

A logistical challenge at 2,608 meters above sea level: the sun terrace was renovated with all materials brought to their destination by helicopter due to the hut only being accessible on foot.

As such, the owner of the chalet – the Austrian Alpine Association – looked for a solution that would provide maximum safety against damage due to extreme weather conditions in the mountains. They opted for Gutjahr System Technology, utilising the AquaDrain EK drainage mat, as the substructure.

Because strong sunlight, large amounts of rain, snow and ice had greatly damaged the old stone, the owners wanted to protect the newly installed polygonal porphyry stone against this damage.

Thanks to the capillary breaking drainage mat AquaDrain EK, the installation will be free from permanent damage.
The system has been specifically designed for the safe installation of natural stone and allows for drainage through drainage mortar.

It prevents moisture storage in the substructure, with surface water running through to the drainage channels and away from the assembly. As a result, the drainage property of the overall construction improved by up to 20 times.
The natural stone surface can also dry faster because the construction is ventilated.

AquaDrain EK is the only product on the market with a special mesh fabric that has a long-term limit state and thus remains permanently water permeable.

This is unlike drainage mats with geotextile felts which are limited in their function, due to being clogged and blocked by soluble limestone deposits.

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